rifle river steelhead?

Discussion in 'North - North East Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by slim Jim, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Anyone know if the steelhead are starting to run up that way? We are talking about taking a trip up there this Saturday, to do some stealie fishing.

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  2. The Rifle's what you'd call an "April river", they start the first week of April, and are done by May. The sucker's aren't running yet, and that's usually when the steelhead start. There are probably fish around, but you'll have to cover some water, I'd hit the lowewr end, down from Omer.

  3. Thanks for the info. I heard that where catching them, and I thought it was a little to early yet for the run.
  4. Yeah, basically, the steelhead, sucker's, and walleyes, all start at the same time, in Omer, you can get all three in an afternoon, but a steelhead out of the rapids there during sucker season, is rare. Tight-lines.
  5. During my spring break where going to take a flyfishing up there, and try getting some steelies in 2 weeks.

    WEEZER Charter Member

    Actaully, without upsetting too many people, the Rifle starts just prior to suckers and then another push hits the river just after the suckers thin out. It is common to find pockets of steel in very late May year in /year out. So in short, they are availiable right now......Not on the gravel though. Look in a week +1/2 for gravel fish,
  7. Weezer

    SHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL!!!!!:D :D :D :D
  8. When is the 12 round boubt. lol. Thanks for clearing that up weezer. We got some colder temps coming in this weekend which will probley slow the fish down.
  9. Used to slay em above omer, its still to early though. Check Whitney out.

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