Rifle river steelhead?

Discussion in 'North - North East Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by Hullyscott, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. I usually go to the SW corner of the state to fish for steelies, but was thinking about giving the Rifle a go since I got the chance to know this river pretty well during trout season. I only use artificial lures when throwing a spininng rod (spinners/stick baits). Would it be worth my time on the Rifle if I'm not using skein?

    Thanks in advance for any info,


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  2. If you can spend time on the Rifle, its priceless. Doesn't matter how you fish, just find the holes,fish them and enjoy the opportunity you have;) Fish are a bonus.

  3. You certainly can do it, but eggs will put more fish on your line. If you know where holes are, just float a spawnbag through them, and set your line so the bait will be within a foot of the bottom. That is pretty easy to do in the Rifle.
  4. Anybody been out on the rifle lately? Debating a trip up in a couple days. Water temps are finally about right, should be some fish swimming around now
  5. I'd be interested to know as well, thinking about heading up there soon to fish the lower section of the river. Also does anyone know if browns are still spawning? I keep hearing that their skein is the best, and I'd like to get some for winter/spring steelheading. Thanks for any info.
  6. Fish good holes with some water in them anywhere with spawn and you might just get lucky. Personally, this time of year, I'd fish the lower river.
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  7. I drove the 2.25 hrs up from Detroit last sunday to enjoy that amazing weather. I fished a section I've never fished before, but I think it was way too far upstream to get into any steelhead action though. Landed 10 browns, with the biggest being 11" or 12". Moved one nice one that might have been a keeper if I kept browns. I'm going to try to make it up there again soon and I'll reply on this post.

    See ya

  8. Nice river. Don't know where you fished, but to the area upstream by lake Ogemaw. Also if your up there within next week or so, and no luck on steel, head east on M55 about 30 min. to Tawas for some of the best whitefish action around. Same gear your using for steel, just off the pier.
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. Went 4/9 this morning on steel, kept the 3 nicest ones. Didn't see another angler on the water. Bottom bounced spawn in the lower section of the river. Pink bags with floaters, size didn't seem to matter. The holes are few and far between but there are a couple nice ones filled with fish.
  10. Nice job, it can be surprisingly good if you can hit it right. My brother fished it yesterday, and hooked fish running bobbers down low.
  11. Thanks, I can't post pics here but there are a couple in my gallery of the days catch. Not monsters but they sure taste good off the smoker!
  12. made my way up there a few days ago trying to get my first rifle river steelie.after many ,many , failed attempts over the past year it finaly paid off. a 10lb female that fought pretty hard.landed on 4lb line too ,so i was pretty excited needless to say.might try my luck on turkey day again.

  13. Beauty! Nice thick,healthy looking fish:)
  14. Kelly Neuman

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    Great looking steelhead! So nice to see some bigger steelhead coming from Lake Huron streams of late.

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