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  1. Anyone know where I could get a replacement barrel for my 4 year old CVA Optima Pro .50 cal? It is a fluted nickel barrel. Two seasons ago I made a fatal mistake and left the gun loaded over the winter and the powder fused it's self to the inside of the barrel. I have cleaned it multiple times which included letting the barrel soak in bore solvent for a long period of time. The gun is shootable but there are still trace amounts that will not come off the inside of the barrel.

    After speaking to a muzzleloader junky he assured me that the gun would be fine and it is still accurate it's just something I would like to take care of if possible. I looked at, cabelas, and other online sources to try to find a replacement barrel but have come up empty handed. I haven't made it to the gun shop to see if they could order me a new barrel but that's my next step. If any of you guys have any recommendations I'd like to hear them. Thanks.

    Here is a picture of the gun if that helps.
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  2. frontier gander

    Email or call CVA. Im sure they have them.

    The new optimas only run around $200 so it may be best to just replace the whole gun.

  3. Unfortunately that's what I think it will come to. I will get with CVA tomorrow. Thanks

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