Repairing small hole in rubber waders??

Discussion in 'South West Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by waterfoul, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. I stumbled on an old piece of barbed wire fence fishing with Troutking last week and put a small hole in the top of my right foot. The hole is maybe 2 or 3mm in size... just big enough to get my foot wet. Are there any proven methods for patching a set of rubber waders? Like I said, it's on the top of my foot... so it's not in a spot that gets bent and kinked much.


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  2. Get those babies patched up we actually have to land a few this weekend!

    Have you tried the regular wader pathes? You can pic them up a Meijer for like $5...

  3. I have patched mine with a tire patch. Just make sure to rough up the area around the hole good because waders are usually really smooth.
  4. I bought some wader patch the other day and it worked like a charm! I was in the water within 30 minutes and didnt get wet. I bought it at the hesperia sportshop. Goop will work too. I hate soggy sock sindrome:lol:
  5. Patch rubber or nylon waders with a tire repair kit, GOOP. I've even used the flexable Hot Glue sticks. Duck tape works in a pinch!

    Glue the hole closed, cover the area with glue/patch. Then to add some protection and strength I'll cut a piece of denum/blue jean matieral apply more glue and cover this over the whole patch area with it. Works great! :)
  6. So this sounds doable then. I actually have a tube of Goop... I'll bet that with a small piece of rubber will do the trick.
  7. tire repair kit works just fine. or use that stuff they use to seal differentials.... on the tip of my tongue.. RTV sealant - i want to say.
  8. RTV = "Room Temperature Vulcanizing" material - You are correct, and yes it will! ;)
  9. I always patch on both sides if possible.
  10. with rubber waders i use a fishing worm. All you have to do is mark the hole use a lighter to heat up a rubber worm and dab it on the hole and it seal up water proof and all.

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