Removing scent Glands from squirrel

Discussion in 'Michigan Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Doctor, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Hello Folks,

    Been a while since I have posted anything. Hope life is treating you all well.

    We are heading up north for a turkey hunt and thought about taking the .17 HMR I won in a raffle to scrounge up a few squirrels. I have a good grasp on skinning and cleaning but I was wondering if you always remove the glands from a squirrel before cooking. This being my first time I thought to at least get your opinions.


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  2. yup we do.... heard it doesnt taste good if you dont..... and i guess why wouldnt you... they are scent glands.... eww hahah i dunno we just always do

  3. ive never taken the glands foem a squirrel, we just skin them out and take the fron and back legs and the back and then we cook it in cream o mushroom. squirrels have the tastiest meat.:corkysm55
  4. Doctor,

    Squirrel is the best eating wild game in my book, especially a nice Fox Squirrel.

    As far as scent glands, I am not sure what you are talking about. But I was taught by my father to look for dark kernels located on the hind legs of squrirels and raccoons after skinning and to remove them before cooking them.

    He told me that it would reduce the gamey taste of these critters.

    Now, NorthCountry is a big time squirrel hunter, so it would be interesting to know what his take is on this question.

    Good luck on your upcoming hunt!
  5. im going squirrel hunting this weekend, when we skin them, i'll look for that.

  6. Well, I think they usually stick to the hide when I skin them. I have occasionally seen the scent glands...they look like a dark olive-colored kernel of rice. When I see them I pluck them off...but its pretty rare.

    Next time I skin a squirrel I'll pay more attention to them. I know they are not in the meat we cook because I meticulously rinse and inspect every piece. I dont recall ever finding one at the kitchen sink.

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