Remington 887 Nitromag and Slugs

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  1. I did a search to see if any others had asked, but couldn't find anything.

    So, I bought an 887 Nitromag yesterday for waterfowl hunting. First off, lets get over the poo pooing of it, I know that the gun had a lot of problems when it was first produced, but by and large Remington has since fixed it.

    I was curious if the gun was capable of firing rifled deer slugs through it? I'm a straight up novice when it comes to waterfowl guns, chokes, and all that business. I can use my .20g for deer hunting no problem, but I'd love to be able to take this gun out for that as well if I'm able to.

    I've seen people say I need to get a rifled choke, improved cylinder choke, modified choke, or just remove the choke, so I can use the slugs. I don't want the thing to blow up in my face, so what should I use, if anything?

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  2. If the gun has back bored barrels then no on the slugs. If not just use imp cylinder choke tube and run foster style slugs thru it. Foster slugs are like the Remington sluggers. Don't use the gun without a choke unless you want to damage the choke threads!
    You can purchase a rifled Choke tube if you want to try and shoot expensive sabots but for your set up, foster slugs and imp cylinder or maybe modified chole will be fine for ranges out to maybe 75 yards. Get to range and see how she does.

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  3. Back bored barrels? I've never even heard of that before, how would I determine that?

  4. Never mind!

    Your shotgun will shoot slugs just fine at close range. It will not blow up in your face. Try it at the range just like it is first and then reevaluate. You may be surprised. I have a friend with an Old Browning humpback that shoots two inches high and right on in windage at 33 yards with the bead!

    O'lame Fred
  5. Back bored barrels are basically another term for a barrel that has had the forcing cones lengthened. This does a few things. It does not constrict the shot pattern as fast, diminishing deformed pellets and improving patterns somewhat and it can reduce felt recoil a little. Basically, the barrel towards the action stays at a larger diameter longer and gently slopes towards the muzzle. Browning and Mossberg do this on some of their field barrels (Non slug barrels). Neither recommend firing slugs in those barrels. The big soft lead foster slug could potentially tumble in the oversize portion of the barrel and then damage the barrel near the muzzle before it exits. Think of it as bouncing down the tube and then being forced out of a choked barrel.
    I don't know if the Nitro mag is back bored but considering it is a gun/barrel combo designed to throw large payloads of shot at geese/ducks it might be. If it doesn't say so, probably not but a check with Remington would not hurt.
  6. And that old Browning is not back bored or has lengthened forcing cones btw.

    The gun will probaby be just fine. But ignorance can hurt people so factual knowleadge is usually the smart thing to have.
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  7. Nothing in the user manual or brochure about it. Did a check online as well, there seems to be no mention of it. So I think is should be good. Good info though, cause the 887 is a waterfowl gun so it would certainly be something to think about.
  8. It would say so if it had those features so you should be good to go. Go buy a few different brands of rifled foster slugs and hit the range. Experiment with imp cyl or modified choke to see if one or the other shows a preference in performance. Don't buy Sabot slugs, those are for rifled barrels or rifled choke tubes only.
    Good luck!
  9. With all due respect, this is not necessarily correct. Backboring is essentially opening up the bore diameter of the entire barrel. Where say a Remington has a standard nominal bore diameter of .729 a Browning Gold, Win X2 etc with the INV + choke system have a nominal bore diameter of .742..
  10. I understand that but I was not about to get to technical and confuse someone even more.
    The bottom line is that back bored barrels should not be used to fire slugs. Neither should barrels that have factory lengthened forcing cones and or custom forcing cone work done on them.
    There is no nominal bore size or SAAMI spec for foster slug sizes and they are already under sized in relation to bore size so that if one fires them thru a full or xtra full choke tube, they don't damage the gun. So undersized slugs, and over sized bores are not a good match.
  11. your shotgun will be ok firing slugs. i have the same model and i have killed deer with slugs through it. i have found that the remington sluggers out of a modified choke tube group the best, im comfortable out to about 65 yards. They do have a slug barrel for it too btw.
  12. Thanks Chris, I was hoping for first hand confirmation.

    A slug barrel may eventually be in the future, but spending near the cost of a whole new shotgun on a barrel is definitely not something I can swing anytime soon.

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