Remington 742 WoodMaster in .30-06

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BuckBuster, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. I've had this rifle for many years. i used it for mostly tracking deer in snow,Because it is a semi-auto i liked having the quick 2nd & 3rd shots on running deer.The problem i had with the 742 in .30-06 was the gun jamming when the shell was going in chamber.I used Remington Core-Loc 180 gr. Softpoint.I changed to rem.Core-loc Pointed Soft Point 180 gr. & never had any more problems.A friend had same setup in.308 & never had a problem.But every one i knew with a .30-06 in this gun had problems.Has anyone else experienced this.Thanks Al

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  2. All I have ever shot in my 742 carbine is Remington 150's PSP CL's and never ever had a problem.

  3. lwingwatcher,Yes i believe you,i don't have problem with Rem 180 gr.CL PSP just with the 180 SoftPoint.I also have the rifle not the carbine.Thanks for reply.Anyone else have problems shooting softpoints in an semi auto,30-06
  4. I have been hunting with my Rem. 742 30-06 for 25 yrs. I have always shot factory loads , in 150 gr. cl psp . A gunsmith told me once to never shoot reloads out of that gun . Never had any prob. with the ejection / load action on the gun . Lately I am haveing a loading prob. gettin the first one out of the clip . If you hold the clip up tight , it works just fine . Im thinkin its a worn clip prob. I have never replaced either clip that I have . They are old also . That gun with a Leupold Vari X II , 3 x 9 , will shoot the eye out of a fly at 100 yrds . and shoot em again on the way down . I love it . Its an ausome shootin machine . :D

    Good Luck and Safe trips ........................... Walldady
  5. I had a 742/.308 for years. The only problem I had with it until the end was on my first shot on a deer........buck..........the shell jammed. I talked to a gunsmith about it (the rifle was new) and he said the breech probably got some dirt in it and to thoroughly clean it out. I did and never had a problem after that.

    Unforetunately the breech/receiver got shot out somehow and the accuracy was lost. It had been a very accurate auto-loader before that, but no matter what I did it would not hold a pattern.

    For a couple of years before that I had been shooting some reloads from a buddy of mine. They were not "hot" in any way, following recommended loads. I've always thought that had something to do with the accuracy problems that developed.

    I took the gun to a gunsmith.....he never mentioned the shot out breech (or is it receiver?). I tried using copper cleaner to get any build-up of Cu out of the barrel to no avail. The gun sits in the gun cabinet, never used. I shot a LOT of deer with it and can't bear to part with it, but then what would I do with it anyway? I certainly wouldn't sell it to an unsuspecting and unknown buyer.

    Did the gunsmith ever say why you shouldn't chamber reloads in a 742?
  6. Whit1 , I dont exactly remember why , no reloads . I think it was a possible damage prob. to the reciever from the resizeing of the shell caseing . Not beeing always accurate . I think . :confused:

    Good Luck and Safe trips ............... Walldady
  7. The new 7400 comes with brush to clean chamber. Two guys in deer camp have may 740 742 s with same problem. this fixed it.

  8. Well, that fits into what I experienced.
  9. All:

    For those having feeding and ejecting problems, get a new magazine. 90% of the problems will be solved there. Some people keep rounds in the magazines all year. This weakens the spring in the magazine, and thus problems. Plus they get old and worn out. 742's are awesome rifles but they need to be kept CLEAN. And I am not just talking about the bore.

  10. jas how does the weak spring in the magazine cause ejecting proplems,
    you fire a shot and the spring brings a shell to the chamber and the ejector
    release the spent shell. if the ejector is not releaseing the spent shell
    and the magazine is bringing another to the chamber its going to jam.
    my 742 is very well kept and very clean about (25yrs old).:help:
  11. I used a 742 for many years shooting reloads. Its imperative that the cases are full length resized for semi-autos. Most reloading manual explain this.
    On the other hand, other than the rifle not being cleaned, there can be a severe problem with the bolts on a lot of rifles. As explained to me by a very compentent gunsmith, the bolt face on the 742 can be easily damaged and/or worn out. I was expierencing problems with the cases extracting but not ejecting, thus jamming the rifle. After close inspection by the gunsmith, he showed me a very small dent or divit like area on the bolt face. This is what was causing the extractor to hold the case and not eject the case. Its my understanding that Remington will not replace that part. The gunsmith told me that when they introduced the 7400 that replacement bolts were disposed of for the 742.
    (The gunsmith was just that. Built his own custom rifles but not a firearm dealer)
    Needless to say after many rounds out of that rifle, I replaced it with a Remington 700 BDL. I was going to cut up the barrel on the 742 and discard it, but a friend wanted to take it and see what he might be able to do. He ended up cutting it up and saved me the work.
    I still have one though that was my dad's. He didn't shoot the rifle very much and its in really good shape. They're nice rifles. Mine was very accurate in it's day and dad's is also.
  12. You know, thinking back to the firing of reloads out of my old 742 we did notice the casings always had a small nick in the rim. We never did look into it further and now am wondering if this was a sign of trouble brewing.

    The accuracy of the 742 was amazing. I could easily shoot 1 in. groups and my buddy could shoot groups of three with all the holes touching. He was a GREAT shot at both target and game, having done sniper stuff in 'Nam.
  13. Whit1,
    When I was shooting my 742, quite some time back when I lived down below, I had a friend that owned a large farm near Dansville. He had a really nice rifle range where we could shoot out to 450 yds.
    He liked to brag about his 22-250 and 6mm and how accurate they were, AND...that they could out shoot any 30-06 on the market.
    Well after finding out where I had to hold to shoot 450 yds, he found that his 22-250 and 6mm couldn't shoot as well as an "06" and a 742 at that! At least he couldn't match it.
    That 180 gr, 30 cal. boattail bullet (reloads) showed it was much more stable. ;)
    Still to this day have a couple of the targets that I shot at that distance with that old 742.
  14. Whit1 , I did have an accuracy prob. with my 742 many many yrs ago . Thats what made me take it to a gunsmith . Hes the one told me about the no reloads . Turned out the barrel had come loose , somehow , and it would group a couple then fly a couple . I was doin a bunch of scope windin and knew something wasnt right . Quick fix , had it back in 1 day , resited , and its been golden since . Every yr. I shoot it , to be sure , but its usually right on the $ .

    Good Luck and Safe Trips ......................... Walldady
  15. Hmmm! Maybe I'll take that old 742 into a gunsmith and have it checked out again. Barrel came loose hey!

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