REMINDER- Your fishing license is expired!

Discussion in 'Cold Water Species Fishing' started by Bill Collector Bob, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Just as a heads up for all the guys getting out on the water. Remeber your Michigan fishing license expires on March 31.

    Buy online here:

    I buy mine online and print out a couple copies... One for the wallet, one for each tackle box, and one extra for good luck!

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  2. My county just increased the fine schedule for all violations - general criminal, traffic and DNR.

    A person could buy 13 years worth of licenses at todays price for the cost of one Fish No License cite. In todays market, it could be the only thing you buy that offers that percentage of return on investment.


  3. Me too. One for each boat and one for the wallet. never hit the water without one.
  4. thanks for the link! i am finally able to purchase for my girlfriend and children. they never fish with anyone but dad and i can keep their copies with me. awesome leap forward by the dnr...

    ps if you print it out at 60% it folds and fits easily into a wallet.
  5. Tim, make this a Sticky for a few weeks. I actually never thought about the expiration until I say this post.

  6. I just spent 157 dollars to the state of michigan for registration stickers. So I guess another heads up.
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  7. the way i read it , the license is still good on march 31....expired 1 april
  8. Yeah it expires at the conclusion of march 31st. But really the intent of the message is to remind everybody they expire soon.
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