Rem 7400 won't eject spent cartridges

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Sam22, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. I have it field stripped, but I can't figure out how to get it apart any further. I am looking online but don't see any more helpfull pages. anyone got one?

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  2. I own a Model 4...basically the same thing, per what I've been told. On page 14, I have to remove parts # 44 and 45 each year and clean the small ball bearing (#44); otherwise, the empty cartridge won't be expelled. It's a beast of a job getting the spring back in, but necessary. And obviously, protect the ball bearing like its a diamond. Cleaning my Model 4 each year is on par with a rectal exam...but the rest of the year is gravy. Thanks to my brother for helping me with the cleaning.


  3. tryng to get that ball bearing out now.....what the hell does it even do?
  4. I have suspected the ball bearing in some way controls the release of gas?

    All I know is if I don't clean mine each year, then the impact is very negative.

    I do clean the inside of that port out with Hoppes solvent (a rag soaked with solvent wrapped around a small screw driver). I do let it air dry for a few minutes before I put the screw back in. Perhaps a more liberal application of solvent will free the bearing up.

    Good luck.

  5. Have you tapped out the roll pin?
  6. The most common problem with this gun is the chamber is rough. This is because the round rotates when being extracted. You must always keep the chamber clean. Once it is rough it take so much of the energy to break it(the round in chamber) free there is not enough energy left to eject the shell. Ask any gunsmith this is the number one problem with this gun. You will need to take it to a gunsmith and have the chamber polished. To help in the future use a chamber brush to clean the chamber last as if you clean the gun from the muzzle end it leaves all the grim in the chamber. When you fire the gun the cartridge expands the round is rotated as it starts to extract thus causing the grim to act as sandpaper causing the rough chamber. This is why Remington keeps changing the design 740, 742,7400, now 750. They are trying to delay the bolt rotating and opening long enough to allow the pressure to go down before the bolt rotates. This is what make this gun the number one repaired guns in must gun shops. I hope this help you under stand what is happening.
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    If it is a chamber issue, I would think you would be seeing damage to the shell where the extractor catches it.
  8. When I first used my 280 cal. Remington I had the same problem. My ejector would actually break a chunk out of the rim of the shell casing.The remedy is very simple! The gun should have come with a bent handle chamber cleaning brush. Use this brush to thoroughly clean powder residue from chamber. I have not had any ejector problems since using this process. You may find that tearing your gun down was all for naught.
  9. hmm.. I did clean the chamber, I wonder if I should try to cycle it in the yard a few times before it heads to the gunsmith. Neighbors will love me! (relax its more than the legal distance.
  10. Remington makes the great 870 why not make a rifle that works as good, oh wait they do...7600..PUMP!......
  11. I had the same problem with mine and it was the bolt face. Williams Gun Sight put a used one in it off another gun and so far it's working fine. Cost was about $100.
  12. I ended up taking the gun into a gunsmith here in Traverse City today. I had it almost all torn down, but the bolt handle retainer pin was very much stuck. The gunsmith told me something I had not thought about. He said that the gas ports sometimes become corroded or eroded and too much gas is let in, it hits the spent cartridge too soon, not giving the brass time to retract ( from expanding at the instance of ignition ). This will leave the cartridge behind. The rims didn't show any sign of being left behind, IE marks. We will see I suppose. This is a good learning experience for me, I don't know as much about auto-loaders as I do most other firearms mechanisms, probably because I don't like them! I hope it doesn't cost $100, I will pay it, but I really don't like the rifle that much. I would rather just get something else!

    I should have fired a couple of different loads before I took it in I think. Now that I better understand the gas powered system, a different load might have done the trick. I did change loads, to something cheaper, the usual remington core loc cartridges were sold out.
  13. Another update. The gunsmith didn't fix it. The gun won't eject still. Tried some different cartridges today, no such luck. I figured I would go ahead and sight it in anyway, and it won't group to less than 2 inches at 100. Then, to make metters worse, the little ornamental pistol grip end cover, fell off at the range! I officially own a lemon of a 7400, DON'T buy one. Used or new. I am going to have to get something else next year I think. If anyone has any other ideas I will still give it a shot.
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    Its only a few things it can be. What did the gunsmith say? Did he do anything?
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  15. I would have guessed that the ports were plugged/dirty. I had a Win. 308 mod. 100 that did the same thing, I found a Rifle break down book of my rifle and completely tore it down and cleaned it, worked fine after that...That's why they call them jam-o-matics..I own bolt actions now.

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