Red Cap Hand lining reel......1929

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  1. I've got a 1929 Schaller hand-lining reel in great shape with new wire line for sale. I've got pictures, but don't know how to post them so I put them in my Gallery.. Best offer gets it!!.

    (Thanks to those that helped put the pictures up and helped me properly identify it!!)

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  2. here they are



  3. Hey Northern-Lights,
    The reel is a Schaller, not a RedCap. The Schaller reel is a much better reel, when a Red Cap.
    Walleye Magnet
  4. Thanks guys......any idea of how I can find out just what it's worth?
  5. ESOX

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    Auction it off.
  6. i'd do it like E said, no matter what anyone else tells ya, something is only worth as much as someone is willing to buy it for.

  7. check your pm box.......
  8. I also have two of the same reels I would like to sell. Did you sell yours yet?
  9. What do you want for them there fine reels?

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