Razor Pro weed killer- as good as Roundup?

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  1. Has anyone used a product I found on E-Bay called Razor Pro weed killer? It appears to be similar to Roundup but cheaper, around $60 for a 2.5 gal container.

    The link:


    The project summary:

    41% Glyphosate. Mix with water. Do not use Galvanized or steel sprayers. Only Stainless Steel or plastic sprayers. This will kill your grass.

    Weeds 6"and under = A 2.5 gallon will make 300 gallons
    Weeds 6" and over = A 2.5 gallon will make 200 gallons
    For hard to control weeds = A 2.5 gallon will make 125 gallons
    For woody brush and trees = A 2.5 gallon will make 25 gallons

    A broad spectrum glyphosate that offers superb control of a variety of broadleaf weeds, woody brush and plants. The 14% surfactant level eliminates the need for additional surfactant.

    * 4 lb. Glyphosate per gallon
    * Contains 14% surfactant, a "surfactant loaded" foliar herbicide
    * Rainfast within 2 hours of application
    * Provides effective control on most annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and plants

    Razor Pro provides broad spectrum post-emergent weed control for industrial sites, forestry, turf, vegetation management, habitat management, similar non-crop sites and ornamental areas.

    • Surfactant-loaded liquid glyphosate formulation
    • Rainfast within two hours of application
    • Controls most annual and perennial weeds
    • Very effective on woody brush and plants
    • Proven performance
    • Tank mix compatible with many other herbicides
    • Extended application window
    Always read the entire label before using.
    Avoid contact with desirable vegetation.
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  2. But, there are plenty of internet sources for 41% glyphosate. One of the advertisers on this site...www.cooperseed.com ... had it at about $45 the other day. 2.5gallon.

    Since the patent expired on glyphosate for Monsanto's Round-Up there are plenty of folks making this chemical now. I've heard that the Chinese are shipping a lot of it into the US. Some with surfactant and some without. But, adding surfactant is no big deal. A little non-sudsing Tide will take care of it for you.

  3. When my supply of brand name Roundup ran out, I tried a generic 41%glycophosphate called "Pronto Big N' Tuff" which TSC carried. It had surfactant already added. I could see no difference from Roundup in actual field use results.


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