1. I was walking out to my stand friday evening when something in the sky caught my eye. I looked up and to my suprise only 50 feet above me was a Bald Eagle. I live in Brooklyn and where I was hunting is right next to Michigan International Speedway in and was wondering if anyone else had seen this awesome bird.

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  2. I live 1 mile east of Flushing, by the Flint River. For the last 4 or 5 years I've seen one perched in the same tree, from time to time. I never get the camera out in time to get a picture though. Sure is a beautiful bird !!

  3. I'm sure it depends upon which area of Michigan one lives in. But they are no longer rare around my part of south central.

    I have seen as many as 22 around a woodlot that I hunt on a neighbor's land. And on my own land this year a car-hit doe that I dragged out to an open field graciously hosted up to 6 eagles as they consumed her.

    The deer gut-piles that I take out to the same field.....well, they last about a day. The eagles eat everything but the masticated forage in the stomach. And I mean everything. They even fly off with the cut-off doe's heads and legs.
  4. Cool, I'm not far from there, will have to keep my eyes open!
  5. I had one fly right over the tripod I was sitting in while Gun Deer Hunting this year. I also saw it the next day perched in a tall Jack Pine. I contacted the DNR and reported the sighting. The DNR said there are 2 nest sights within 5 miles of where I live. I live in Jackson County.They are such cool birds to see!
  6. I hunt the river, near where you are... i see the eagle quite often while out duck hunting. And if im lucky every once in awhile i get to see an osprey. When Duck hunting the river i am lucky enough to see the eagle around 40 yrds away absolutely beautiful, but as you said never been able to get a pic since it just appears out of no where.

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