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  1. I am planning on building houseing for chuckers and ordering some chicks fairly soon. My question is, if I raise them from when they are little and they know the house is theres, will they return to the house after I release them during training my dog? Even if it takes a day or so? I would be training on my property where the house would be located.

    I would hate to release birds that would not return unlike I believe pigeons that return. So if I was to use chuckers and they would not be returning, I guess I will be eating a lot of birds this year.

    My reason for going with chuckers instead of pigeons is that I do not want to take on too many different birds. I figure chuckers taste better then pigeon when i would shoot them, and a chucker would be a more all around bird.

    What are some of your thoughts and experiences with raising chuckers?

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  2. Be sure you find out about the bird "parasitic worms" that they are vulnerable to. I understand you have an expensive "medication" to add to the water to keep the worms at check.
    I hear the worms infest the crop, and render the bird unable to eat or eventually breathe.
    For some reason Phez arent suseptible to them, and quail less so, but still suseptible..
    Ok, I dont raise birds, but have talked to dog trainers and these were answers I got to questions.

  3. I have been to a preserve that released chukkars and phesants for us. After making three passes on the field, we shot all of our pheasants, and no chukkars.

    When we returned to the farm where we parked, all the chukkars were up next to the coop waiting to get back in!

    I do not know if this is a one time thing or a learned trait. They will know where there food is.
  4. My brother raised them when he lived in Nevada where they were also the predominant wild game bird.

    Most young birds will return if used close to the pen. More likely too if you release only a few birds. They don't home like pigeons but are called back to the pen by the rest of the "covey". I've left a cage full of them in my pole barn with the doors open and had them call in birds I'd released the week before. They will peck at each other some, more if they're too crowded or you mix in birds that weren't reared together. They will also tend to pile if frightened. My brother's reproduced rapidly nesting in cinder blocks he had stacked in the flight pen. His pen was on the ground but quite large. If your pen will be smallish you may want to have a wire floor so the waste drops through.
  5. Matt's parents have about 15 chukar, and maybe 20 quail.

    They quail definatly come back, they release most of them, leaving a few in the pen and the quail come back using a funnel type entrance on the side of the pen.

    I was going to ask about raising chukar myself.. as I heard somewhere that they get some sort of bacteria or something that will kill them. So far, all these chukar are still alive and they hatched this summer sometime.

    Might be what "rudi's dad" is talking about... with the worms that I heard. Not sure though.
  6. Chukar will recall, but maybe not as readily as Quail. They need to be raised off the ground so they can't eat worms. They get the bacteria that people were talking about from the worms.

    Check out http://anrcatalog.ucdavis.edu/pdf/21321e.pdf

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