Railing code?

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  1. I'm kicking myself for not knowing this off the top of my head but can someone remind me at what height is a railing requied on a deck?

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  2. I believe it is 18 inches from the ground. If your deck is 18 inches or higher from the ground then it should have a railing. I am not for sure but for some reason 18 inches comes to mind.

  3. A railing of at least 36" height is required if the surface of the deck is greater than 30" above ground.

  4. just went through this I think every place is different .but the standard for top rail is 36" spacing of balusters differs ours had to be max of 4" and 4" max opening on bottom this was for a second floor the spacing was so a child could not go Thur
  5. You could get a 101 answers here and all be wrong for your area.
    Call the building department where you live and ask for the code requirements for the railing.
    Then you will know exactly what you need.
  6. That's what I did even he was confused told him I will buy and install what he was going to accept done deal
  7. It is best to check with your locality. But Rochester Hills uses the stadard Residential Builiding Code (as most localities do). It states the a railing is required if the deck is over 30".

  8. 30 inches up here as well.
    ...But, I didn't want to obstruct my view of the lake, so I put stairs all across the front that terrace down to the grade.
  9. Your in milan, i believe the code is 34"to 40" for guardian rail, and 32" min for hand rail on stairs. They use the same code as washtenaw county bldg dept.
  10. The state has a standard building code. The rule on railing being required for a deck is 30 inches above the grade or floor height. The Guard railing height is not less then 36 inches. hand rails height on stairs is not less then 34 inches measured vertically from the nose of the tread. spacing on upright clousures shall not allow the passage of a 4 inch sphere. So uprights 4 inches on center will meet that requirment. This is from the Michigan residential code adopted in 2000 and updated in 2005. this does not and can not vary from city to city, if you have a problem with a local inspector or building department call the State of Michigan building department in Lansing and they will straighten the locals out on building code.
  11. Uniform Building Code says 36". It could be different for some reason in selected areas but keep in mind this is a minimum height. Always Use the UBC and your most likey to satisfy or exceed the code for your area.
  12. Dan,
    I think you may be misunderstanding the question. He's asking what the height of the deck needs to be before a railing is required. Not the height of the actual rail.


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