rabbit hunting in northern oakland county

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by reflexbuckskin, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. can anybody recomend any good public land to run rabbits on? i have been over off of oakwood road next to dsc and had no luck last year. are ortonville state, holly, groveland, or hadley any good? i dont have a dog but would be interested in joinging up with people to go out.
  2. We pushed that area about 2 weekends ago and got a few. Hunted up on M-46 last weekend [Vassar/Caro M-24] and did ok too.

  3. I ran Holly State game area two weeks ago and didn't see anything. Granted, the snow was fresh and fairly deep but I had my new Chocolate Lab out there and she runs like a mad-woman.

    Either she scared them away before I got to them or there wasn't any activity.
  4. all those areas hold some good rabbit, just a matter of being there at the right time. the caro area has been a goldmine in the past. and there was an area near mayville i used to hunt . but haven't been there in years

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