Question to those that take the high shoulder shot..

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Jacob Huffman, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. These guys that hit the deer shoulder high and they drop like a sack of &&*&..I have been watching this for years on TV but never thought about trying it myself until this year...When you aim for the top of the shoulder just exatly where do you aim ?? I mean like 2-3 inches down from the back bone ?? Just thinking there is no sence in tracking if you dont need to..

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  2. I have always wanted to take this shot but I do not want to risk it

  3. No risk at all...if you can do a behind the leg shot then you can do the high shoulder..... I've shot probably 30 deer with this shot... Crosshairs right dead on the front leg and then 1/2 way up the body.. I've never had one take more than one step with this shot....with that being said I don't use this shot all the time but within 75 yards and standing dead broadside its a done deal....I've never tried it on a walking deer and don't recommend it.

    I love to use this shot when hunting thick swamps or in very steep terrain where I'm worried about the deer going over the edge....

  4. I have been wondering about that myself. I also see guys that shoot muzzleloaders and drop em in their tracks and wonder is it the bullet, or the shot placement?
  5. I love it. aim one inch in front of front leg about 5-6 inches from top of back. shot 2 doubles with my muzleloader last year. turns lights off before they hit the ground!
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  6. Yep, I am gonna be "that guy". Seems like it will cost you a bunch of burger and maybe a few steaks? Unless I was somewhere that I know someone might claim my deer, I would just blow out the lungs and keep all the meat. I can see how it could be a tempting shot though.
  7. Butchered 1 today for my sons buddy. It dropped in it's tracks but did do alot of damage to both front sholders. I would guess it wasted maybe 10 extra pounds of what could have been good burger meat.
  8. Shot is deadly, watched video of a friend hammering a buck at 326 and a doe at 315 with this shot out west and both heaped up with a 243. But the guy is a more than capable shot.

    Will be brushing up on placement and taking this shot from now on, on all deer walking close to the property line.
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  9. This is the PREFERRED shot that I take. Drops em dead!
  10. You do lose a little meat with this shot but as I stated earlier it can be beneficial at times when tracking conditions are bad or if you're worried about the deer running into areas you don't want it to....

  11. I have taken this shot on a few occasions and all I can say is that 1 step is all they take. Hard to go anywhere if your gearbox is blown out. Yes you lose a little bit of meat but not alot. I like that shot and also right under the muzzle in the front of the neck.
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  13. I tried that shot today, but ended up hitting slightly behind the front shoulder. He went 80 yards and piled up under a pine tree. 120 yard shot with my 870.
  14. I hit my mule deer from this year with that shot. All he did was lay his Never a step. I agree though that on a moving deer more is better. Take the bigger target of a center punched lung.
  15. I take more of a "base of the neck" shot. Does the same thing though, the deer is dead before it's body hit's the ground. From a treestand and depending on how steep the angle is, a lot of times you're gonna get some "heart" too. I don't mind if I blow out that opposite shoulder, one less front shoulder to mess with while butchering, is fine by me. I HATE those things!

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