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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by rick, May 14, 2007.

  1. I have a relative that will give me a 32 cal.beretta model 70 pistol that he got when overseas while in the navy back in the late 60's. Problem is it was never registered. I would hate to go to get it registered only to have them tell me gun is illegal or something like that and take it away from me. The only pistol I have ever registered was a pellet gun that I got for my son. I had to go through the whole process just for a pellet gun. Like I said would like to make it legal but not sure what they will say about the fact that there is no record of this gun.

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  2. Get a purchase permit, fill it out and take it and the firearm in for "inspection". There will be no problems and you local police will be glad you became an honest citizen.

    All they're looking for is stolen guns. When they run the number it will come back clean.


  3. Thanks for the reply
    where do I get a purchase permit from?
  4. If you live in the county go see the county sheriff's dept... if you live in a city with it's own police force you generally have to go visit them... might help to call first on the city police before you show up and they tell you to see the sheriff...
  5. Ok how about this for a twist. A guy I work with (Party #2) got a 22 target Pistol from a guy (Party #1) who owed him money. The guy who owed the money never registered it. It gets better, the original owner who sold to party # 1 has since died. So to try to clarify heres the order of events

    1) Original owner buys and registers pistol
    2) Original owner sells to party # 1. (hehas Original owners green owners card)
    3) Party #1 never registers gun. Been like 10 years.
    4) Party #2 gets gun from Party # 1 over debt and wants to make it legal but he's not sure what the repercussions will be?

    Same story, how do you reguster without making serious waves for Party #1?

    Or do you just pretend Party #1 never was in the deal? But does that then make you guilty of not registering the Handgun within X amount of days?
  6. While I was registering one of my pistols I overheard a phone coversations. The guy moved from another state about 3 to 5 years ago. Relized or someone told him that in michigan you need to get an inspection card. He talked to the officer and they told him to bring it in and they would register it as if they had just come into the state.

    Another story was where my Cousin in-law's sister recieved a pistol from her dad when he died. Three years later she was told it needed to be registered when she took it to a gun shop to get it checked. She contacted the Sheriffs department and told her it was no problem registering it.

    I would agree with the one poster that says I believe they are very happy when someone is willing to register a handgun when it has not been so before. There is an admittence to a mistake and you are trying to correct it.

    I am sure there are a lot of people who move to michigan and never reliaze that they need to register there handguns, becasue correct me if I am wrong, but not all states require this.
  7. Why are we so anxious to register guns-Hitler thought it was a wonderful idea. How many have contacted Sens and Reps to do away with registering instead of proposed elimination of 'inspection'?
  8. I moved from NJ in 2000 and 'registered' 12 or 13 handguns. I simply stated that I acquired them out of state and the local PD processed all of them no problem. As long as they are clean S/N's you should have no problems.

    Just don't fess up to WHEN you brought them into MI. [Remember your right to remain silent!]

    For in-state transfers you better fill out the form upon transfer and have 'seller' sign - you can download it from the MSP website.
  9. From the stories I have been told from my father when he was 12, about his family escaping out of Europe during WWII, I would agree with you. That was a bad time to register a gun.

    However I believe that in Michigan it is a Felony to possess an unregistered handgun. Long guns can be sold through private sales with no problem, but handguns need to registered through the police deparments. I personnally want to register all my handguns, because I would not like to get a felony on my record and have all my guns taken from me and never allowed to own another.

    If you go to get it taken care of there should be no problems, but if you don't and get caught with it later on, then your are in a world of trouble.
  10. My father passed away in New York. He had two hand guns I brought back. I called the County Sherrif and asked them how to go about it. THey said to bring the guns in a locked case. I took them in as requested, set the case on the counter and a sherrif processed my paper work. 20 minutes or so.
  11. You are correct, there are states that do not require citizens or new residents to register their firearms (long guns or handguns). One that comes to mind is Pennsylvania. Your private property is private. All the best...

  12. I think Ohio is the same some cities require it most don't

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