Quanicassee perch?

Discussion in 'Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries' started by next time, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Thinking about heading to Q'see when the wife gets out of work this afternoon. Any reports would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  2. Fished monday and today. Was north of the public access/launch. Total fish : three carp, one silver bass, one sheephead, and fiveteen perch, of which 8 were over 11", 2 over 12". All but one were female, half had pretty ripe eggs leaking out while being cleaned.Wind made fishing rough so I checked out the iron bridges, not much happening at all. The cold front coming Thursday isn't going to help.But, if the wind slows down tomarrow may produce, barring too much rain. Frustrating though.... With the warmup and the rain tonight I'm sure it would have been go time if it wasn't for the cold front. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I have to believe if your there on the right day or two, you'll fill your bucket with the slabs like the ones caught out in the bay there this winter.Those who wait until april like tradition dictates, may just miss out.

  3. Thanks for Report. Was heading there tomarrow if not too rainy in morning. Then working my way east. I hear ya on the don't wait till April. Seems in recent years, the perch start right after ice out. Will be at one of iron bridges.
  4. Olddog,
    Is there still a bait shop next to the river? I haven't been that way in years. Also, is there still a boat launch?
  5. There's a launch at north end of access site, closed the old launch at south end awhile back. Place by marina is closed and don't sell bait. Have to get it at Michigan sportsman on M-25 in essexville as far as minnows.
  6. next bait is wisner...at the log cabin...my cousin ralphs place...tell em i sent ya im sure he will count your minows lol....good food and really good pizza....ill work im getting him to advertise here so we get a discount
  7. i was up in bay city and decided to drive around and check out the area....
    saw a couple guys with about 20 or so 5-7's nothing to write home a about though... i checked out Kirk and Thomas Rd, i drove past granger and missed it by accident and it was dark on the way back... so i decided to check it out next time.... do they run in sebewaing marina?

    where are some other good cuts up that way.... and where are the iron bridges you guys are talking about?? im looking for spots all around the thumb and the east side.... as i will be up on the east side trying for some suckers by omer...

    I am planning on heading back up that way friday or saturday, as i am busy tomarrow, hoping to do some perch fishing, I did some cat fishing yesterday on mott lake here in Genesee Co. only managed a couple 12 & 13" cats...
  8. If your heading twards Omer for suckers, check for perch on the way. Usually you'll find people at places they've been catching them. Try state park drive over kawkawlin river in Bay city, then stay north on state park and it will take you past bay and turn into Beaver rd. It will take you to M-13, then head north and turn at light in Linwood and go to last rd., turn right and go down to Linwood beach Marina and check there. After that, head back to M-13, continue north and turn right at kitchen rd., first rd. past Franks bait and tackle. Take it twards bay and turn right at dirt rd. past tracks and check cuts at end. Then head back to M-13 and continue north. Go through Pinconning and turn right at Worth rd. (same way to casino) will take you twards bay. Turn left on old state, and right again on sagatoo which will take you the old "great lakes marina" now owned by the casino tribe. Not sure if you can fish there now, but worth a check. After that head north a couple rds. on old state to palmer rd., and head to end to check the cut by "Beardsley's fish market." If you haven't found any by now, buy them there.:lol: After you leave there turn at light on old state where party stores are and go to pine river. Turn before crossing river and this will take you back to mouth with launch. After that head back to old state and continue north and you'll end up coming out in Omer. Swing in "Travlers Inn" and have a cold one cause you earned it by now.:D Those are the major places to check, with other small and private spots along the way. You could go up to Augres and check breakwall then, its not far past Omer.
  9. Didnt find any perch in the quanicasee river. Was out sunday afternoon. Water was real high with the north northeast wind but i did land one 26inch 7# eye on a perch rig. Had to throw it back of course but it was a nice fish. Full of eggs too. Anyone been doin any good in the cuts yet. PMs are great. Ive been from quanicassee to sebwing with no luck.
  10. yes you can still fish the old great lakes marina. they did a really nice job of dredging it out now whole marina is like 10 feet deep and so is channel. they also expanded it and cut out alot of the channel fishing there used to be there you can still get out there to fish though we went sunday got 4 perch in an hour and today with not even a bite. they dont have access to the new floating docks they put in yet so you cant get down on them but you can still fish there they did do a really nice job of renovating it looks alot nicer( it should with all the money being dropped at the casino) heard of a few guys catching some small ones at palmer road nothing to get excited about though. hit up the rifle down off stover road seen a few guys sucker fishing but no one was really catching cant wait for the rain should help bring in the suckers

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