Prefered Venison neck roast recipes?

Discussion in 'Big Game Recipes' started by Nine Milly, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. I'am un-thawing a neck roast from a nice 8 pt.'er and really don't want to mess it up. My last neck roast I seasoned, boiled, cooled in refridgerator, removed all tallow that solidified, and then broke up the roast and put it with sourcroute (sp?) but it just wasn't very good tasting. Is there any way that can produce something a little better? BBQ maybe? Stew? Heck, Im just courious I really want this to taste good. Thanks in advance.

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  2. A friend of mine made a really good neck roast recipe this fall. I'm sure this would work with any type of roast though. I think I can remember what he told me he did.:

    First coat the roast in a package of taco seasoning and brown it in a hot skillet w./ a touch of butter or cooking oil. Next drop it into a crock pot. Add 1 beer, 1 small/medium onion (chopped), and then top off with water, just enough to cover the meat. Cook on high untill the meat falls of the bone (this will take several hours and depends on the crock pot you use and the size of the roast) and remove the bones.

    He then used the meat to make boritos with. Would also be great in enchaladas (sp?), tacos or even just sloppy joe type sandwich meat. Good stuff.


  3. In the morning I place the roast on a couple of sheets of foil that have been seamed together. Salt , Fresh Ground Pepper, Mix up some colemans dry mustard into a paste and cover the entire roast. Take a pound of bacon and try to cover the roast in bacon, using a few toothpics to hold in place as required. Slice up a large onion and cover roast with onion slices. Pour a can of beer or some water into bottom of foil and wrap the foil tightly, place in roasting pan. Place in oven as high as it will go 600 degrees on mine for about 15 or 20 min, or untill smoke is filling the kitchen. Turn it down to 225-250 degrees and then go away, go hunting or ice fishing or whatever you like to do and don't come back untill dinner time. Now prepare yourself before you walk back into the house because you are about to be assaulted by sensory overload. This is by far my favorite way to prepare venison, I usually plan on cooking up some veggies to go with the meal but on more than one occasion the roast has been devoured before any such frivolities could occour. Enjoy, Eric
  4. De-bone, grind it up for burger, or sausage, it's a little pain in the neck :eek: , but it works wonders ;) .~~~><>....
  5. INFIDEL!!!:eek: I'll trade you dbl. the weight in Hamburger for every neck roast you get anytime:cool: Try my reciepe and you'll never grind up another neck roast as long as you live, I usually save them for my birthday dinner, that's how good they are.
  6. I make this one for our now 4th annual "get your dead animals outta my freezer" dinner, so aptly named by my wife:D This is easy, low maitenance and you'll be hard pressed to do a neck any other way if you like authentic mexican...

    1 venison neck. Bones in.
    3-4 Tbs oil
    6 poblano chilis, seeded and rough chopped
    4+2 japlapenos, seeded and chopped
    2+1 large onions, chopped
    1 big can low sodium beef or chicken broth
    1+1 bunch of cilantro
    2 tsp cumin powder
    4+3 limes
    seasoned flour, salt and pepper

    Start with a dutch oven on the stove top and heat the oil till hot.
    season the neck liberally with salt, pepper and cumin.
    Dust it in the flour and sear on as many side as you can get to sit flat.
    Take the neck out and reserve on a plate.
    Add in all the poblanos, 4 of the jalapenos and 2 of the onion and saute till it all starts to wilt and get soft.
    Add the neck back in (on top of the vegeatbles)and add the broth. There should be liquid at least 1/4 way up the roast in the beginning

    Bring to a SIMMER (if you boil it it'll never ever get tender) and put the lid on. simmer very slowly for about 3-5 hrs. you may need to add more broth or water to keep the moisture in as it evaporates.
    You'll know it's done when you the neck joints can be pulled out with a pair of tongs with no resistance.

    Remove all the bones (just pick them out of the pot with a pair of tongs) and remove meat with a slotted spoon or spatula to a bowl.
    In the bowl add the raw chopped onion, the other jalapeno the lime and cilantro. Sprinkle a little salt if it needs it and shred it up with a fork

    Put whatever's left in the pot into the blender and add the remaining limes and blend it for a sauce.

    Serve with warm tortilla's, get a big plate and hide because grown men will try to kiss you when they taste it
  7. i want to kiss you every time i eat at your place, but iam afarid you would leave your wife :yikes:
  8. Bone it off the neck into one large piece of meat.
    Lay bacon strips and pineapple chunks all over one side and season to taste.
    Starting at one end, roll it into a log and pin with tooth picks. Bake at 275 and enjoy. :)
  9. I always make bbq,s with my neck roast just put in slow cooker with onions lots of sauce and let it cook all day yum yum
  10. If you bone out the neck, take the bones and boil until the meat is tender, then remove the bones and use the meat and broth to make a tomato-based vegetable soup :)
  11. This year I tried a neck roast recipe for the first time and it is really excellent! We made this up north opening weekend and again yesterday with the neck roast from my son's first deer. Everyone raved about it and said it was some of the BEST venison they have ever tried!

    1 Venison Neck Roast
    2 - packs Lipton Onioin Soup Mix
    1 lb. Baby Carrots
    1 Head of cabbage
    4 sliced potatoes

    Add contents to a big pot and boil for about 5 hours. The meat will fall off the bone when you remove it from the pot. Place vegetables in separate tray and feast! <----<<<
  12. Man oh man, the neck roast is my favorite part of the deer (except for the tenderloins ;) ). Here is what ya do.

    Cut out the esophagus (the throat tube)

    Put a quarter cup of veg, oil in a large skillet (iron preferred-stainless okay-non stick no way)

    Heat the oil and brown the roast on all sides

    take roast and put in a dutch oven or crock pot.

    In the stuff left in the skillett, sautee a chopped up onion, when it is soft, add 2 cloves diced garlic, sautee an additional minute-DO NOT BROWN THE GARLIC (it turns bitter when you do that) add 3 cups beef stock, 1 buillion cube, a bay leaf, a tablesoon of parsley and a half cup red wine. Bring all to a boil and scrape the good stuff off the bottom of the pan. Let boil a couple minutes (to let the alcohol steam off). Dump this mixture on top of neck roast.

    Add enough beef stock to cover roast entirely.

    If using crock pot turn on low and cook for 6-8 hours, if a dutch oven, put the lid on and put in oven 300 degrees for 5 hours.

    remove roast to a platter, cover with foil.

    Take the stuff left over in the crock pot-dutch oven and strain-keeping the liquid.

    Now it is up to you-if you want, you can just take the liquid, reduce it by 50% , add mushrooms and thicken for a nice gravy for your mashed potatoes and roast.


    Add carrots, an onion, quartered potatoes and whatever and slow boil till soft then thicken and add met you have pulled from the bone (it is too tender to cut!) for a stew.

    Either way, you have a really tender & tasty dinner.

    Oh, last step-invite me and my family over for dinner!!:)

  13. Cook Neck Roast (bone in) in a crock pot until meat is falling of the bone 6-8 hours with a packet of Lipton onion soup and enough water to cover roast. Drain off liquid. Pick meat from the bones and put back in crockpot with one or two bottles of Sweat Baby Ray's Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce and refridgerate overnight. Turn Crookpot on low at the start of pre-game for Superbowl. Serve on Hamburger or Onion roll like sloppy joes.

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