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Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by mechanical head, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. I know there has been some discussion on the performance of Power belts over last couple weeks, I haven’t read the complete threads, but I thought I’d would share this story with everyone so they can rate them a little more.
    The Powerbelt in Question with me is the 295 grain hollow point, although they do group very well with my gun, a newer Knight, I have had very poor expansion from these bullets on the last couple of deer I shot, with very poor blood trails, little if any..
    I’ve shot three deer in the past two seasons myself with the 295 grain bullet, loading 100 grains of Pioneer, I’d say total there may have been a cup of blood from all three on the ground, and two of the three were not pass-thru’s, on the positive side, I have not wounded any deer and they have all died within a hundred yards or so. But I guess what really puzzled me is this past weekend I took my good friend out to fill a doe tag, we had a good slightly quartering towards us shot on a nice size doe at 85 yards, again we were shooting my end loader with 100 grains of powder and the 295 grain hollow point powerbelt. I watched as Duane pulled the trigger and from what I could tell he made a good shot looking though my binoculars. As we approached the area where the deer was standing we could see no blood, not a drop ( I did find some hair) but with light fading we started on the track and ended up going nearly 50 yards before we could find a drop, and it was a pin drop, the Sure Fire picked up in the snow. Now long story short the deer only went about another 80-90 yards, and did not bleed much at all, if there wasn’t any snow that may have turned into a major search.
    I rolled the deer over and found the shot entered just perfect, right behind the front shoulder, perfect height and no exit hole; I felt around the rib cage and found the round lodged in between the meat and the skin just outside the rib cage in the gut area. What shocked me is when I cut the skin open I found what looked to be a bullet in perfect shape, and I mean I could have loaded this thing again and took another shot, the belt was still even attached ?? I’m not sure what the majority thinks but I sure would like to believe there should have been some expansion. The other rounds I've pulled out of deer have at least expaned a little. Either way will shoot the rest of these rounds at the practice range, and move on to either the Aero tip or a sabot of some kind next year for hunting.
    Just a handful more days left of deer hunting, hope everyone’s enjoying the late season as much as I am..
    Duane with his deer,

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  2. Nice deer by the way. That story is incredible and the bullet is in perfect shape. Those are the same bullets I shot till this season then I switched to an all lead sabot. My experience has been tremendous expansion but no penetration. I shot 3 deer with it and never had a pass thru and lost an 8 pointer that I laid on its butt at 90 yds then he got up and took off with nothing but hair left behind and no snow. They seem to pattern very good out of my ML but I was very dissapointed in the lack of blood trail as well. Good follow up on the trail and congrats to your friend ona nice doe.


  3. Congrat's on the doe.

    I am shocked that the bullet didn't deform in any way. I could see that happening if it had passed completely through the deer but since it was in her it had used all of its energy in the deer. Amazing! I would think I would be shooting something else myself.
  4. Yet another example of why I will not use these bullets. I wonder if the cold has an effect on the bullet itself and the plastic cup sticking? Glad there was snow on the ground! We had a similar experience earlier, but it was a pass thru and still very little blood, deer traveled 80-90 yards in the swamp. Thats a long way in the swamp!) Without snow, we would have been in for a tough tracking job. Too many other good sabot/bullet combinations out there to mess with those powerbelts imo.
    It seems for every good experience I hear about with these bullets, I hear 5 bad experiences.
  5. After all the talk about bad performance with powerbelts, I switched on Saturday to Thompson Shockwave 300gr ( from 245 gr powerbelts with aero tip). I no longer felt comfortable shooting a bullet I had heard so much negative feedback about. They did not take long to sight in. With 100gr of American Pionner powder, I was shooting less than 1 in. groups at 100yds with my CVA Wolf. Previously, I settled for 4 in. groups with my 245gr powerbelts at 100 yds. Monday, I had a doe stand perfectly broadside at 80yds. I put one through both her lungs and had a complete pass through. Had lots of blood and hair to follow. She ended up going about 50yds. I have never had an easier tracking job. If you are looking to switch, I would suggest trying the Shockwaves out. They made my job of tracking very easy and they made a quick easy kill on the deer. Just my two cents.
  6. That's pretty amazing!!

    I shot a doe this year with a 245 grain hollow point powerbelt, 100 grains of pyrodex. The deer was quarting away about 60 yards out. The bullet put about a 2" hole where it entered the deer and destroyed the heart. The bullet was in the opposite shoulder flat as a pancake. Blood was everywhere!! This is the only deer I've shot with a muzzleloader so I have nothing to compare it to. Just posting my results.
  7. Is anyone using the aero tips and 150 grains of powder? I would like to hear how that works before I change.

    Is there a real problem shooting 150? I sghted in with 150 and and haven't shot a deer yet, as soon as I do i'll post the results.
  8. I have shot 2 deer w/ powerbelts. one buck that dropped in its tracks, and a doe that ran 50 yards into a thick swamp, no blood for about 20 yards then lots and lots of blood.. I did not recover any bullets, I wish I did so I could report on the condition,
    these were 295gr. areotip. maybe I will switch to 245's next year,

    good luck with what ever bullet you choose, there are a lot of good ones on the market today.
  9. The problem I see happening with 150 gr powder charge is that the disk/cup will not hold up under that kind of pressure. The heat build up is just too much....it's too much for many regular sabots as well. One way you can test this is to head to the range with snow on the ground (snow just makes it easier), shoot a dozen rounds or so and then head down range and collect those disks. In a perfect world, they should be releasing the bullet all about the same area, and not to far from the muzzle...if they are not, they are not very consistant. When you find them, examine them to see how they look....mangled or not etc. This will give you a little idea how they are holding up with that heavy charge. Repeat the test with 100 gr of powder and see if there is much difference. Time consuming, yes, but the spent sabots often times tell a story. I know the manufacturer does not recommend those 150 loads, but that could be just for stupid liability issues as well.
  10. I agree with everyone else,simply amazing!
    I have also shot the 295's PB and have switched back to the
    Hornandy XTP's due to the problems others have had.

    As far as physical appearance between the two,
    the powerbelts are totally copperjacketed and
    the Hornandy's are copper jacketed but have lead exposed in center
    along with the expansion cuts at the top.

    Congrats on the nice deer!

  11. ;) i second the hornady XTP's, i shoot the 240 hp. shot 4 deer with that this year, 3 dropped i n there tracks(wassn't aiming for a drop shot) and the other went 20 yards. awesome damage and a big blood trail. i'd try these ones
  12. ditto, have had trouble with powerbelts even with sighting in, switched to hornady sst, shot a doe about two weeks ago with complete pass through and lots of blood, my track job was about 35-40 yards.
  13. I went to Hornady SST's, 300 grain with 150gr 777. Shot one deer at 15 yards, it ran, but with blood spray 3 feet on either side of the deer. The second was at about 100 yards, dropped in tracks. Both deer had holes at least the size of golfballs on both sides of the body.

    I will stick with SST's.
  14. Wow. That is amazing. I wish I had taken the time to look for them (bullet). I have taken several deer with the 245 aero tips. Maybe 2 passed through but the rest didn't. Very little blood after 25 yards or so but my longest trak was maybe 75 yards. I have killed every deer I shot with a powrbelt but I am starting to wonder. Maybe it is time for a change. I need bullets next year anyhow.
  15. wow.....It looks like you could reuse that round....thanks for posting...

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