Pork price per pound

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  1. Does anyone know approximately what pork is going for right now on the hoof?

    Full pig not including butcher costs

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  2. 2 weeks ago it was 10 cents a pound on the hoof according to a teacher in Birch Run that raises hogs. I am not sure if it has gone up or not.

  3. Holly crap thats cheap! I don't know the market rates, but I know the local 4H kids get upwards of $3.00 to $3.50 a pound for their pigs on the hoof during the fair. I would not compare that to market price ofcourse since most of that is "donation" more than anything else.

    But if you can buy a 300# pig for $30 you better buy as many as your freezer can hold! And then go buy another freezer and fill it as well.
  4. Not sure about the teacher, but this is far, far from actual price. Just think about the cost of feed, and how much it takes to raise a hog to slaughter. Hell, I pay $.20 per pound for chicken feed, and you can bet that a pound of feed doesn't translate into a pound of meat.

    Buying a whole hog, the price will depend on the size. The smaller the hog, the more it costs per pound. Generally, you're looking at somewhere between $2.50 and $1.50 per pound - again, depending on size. I only know this because I recently checked into hog prices for a hog roast.
  5. pork chops aren't even 2.50 a pound are they? My wife paid 6.20 for 4lbs. of chops yesterday.
  6. I'm not sure where the .10 per pound came from, but the hogs sold this week at the UPI yards for .37-.415 per pound.
  7. I'm talking about a whole hog, and mentioned that it depended on the size. Upper end ($2.50) was for a 30-pound hog. Lower end was for something much larger. Regardless, on-the-hoof prices will be substantially lower. Eithger way, if you have a line on hogs for $.10 a pound let me know. I would be happy to drive over and bring some back to triple my money.
  8. A hog ready to butcher will weigh about 270 lbs.. 270 lbs.at 37 to 41 cents per pound will cost $83.70 to $112.05 for a pig for your freezer
  9. just paid $1.70 a pound butchered
    hams and bacon smoked and all that yummy stuff
  10. Now just find a place around me to get one :(
  11. We've got a LOT of prices across the board here.

    I was offered $1.00 a pound plus butcher fees, which vary depending on what you want, but we were told to expect between 140 and 200, 200 being fully processed, hams and bacon. Don't know the weight yet, but they aren't piglets.
  12. I usually buy 35 - 45 lb feeders at $30 to $40 each. By the time they are 200lb hang weight size I'll have $1.00 per lb. into them. 100% grain and pasture fed and I sell them at work for $1.35 lb. plus you pay the processor. If you're talking about roasting pigs (100lb.), look to pay about $125 for the whole live pig. Feed isn't cheap anymore.
  13. Man, save the butcher and do it yourself. I would do it if I didn't live in an apartment!:) Sounds like a good deal to me that's for sure!
  14. Hogs are normally priced at cwt(per 100#'s) and as odf right now you're looking at about $35-$70 cwt for hogs(with the higher end going for sucklings).
  15. so how would one go to buy a Hog? I cant have them here,. but I always look to buy in a bundle. Like with my beef i buy from local friend/farmer, but he doesnt do Pigs anymore.

    Anyone here sell them?

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