Porcupine Hunting?

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by byronbaitskimmer, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. is it legal to shoot porcupines while out in the field? i have seen people who were grouse hunting take it upon themselves to make sure their dog will not have a run in with these critters and i did not see any mention of them in the hunting regs.

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  2. open year round with a small game license


  3. I would hope as conservationests we would exercise some restraint in the Lower Penninsula as they have been decimated; at least in the areas I hunt.
  4. Porkys can do a tremedous amount of damages on tree farms, around cabins and camps, etc. I've got one right now that has killed by girdling a significant number of young beech and hard maple trees; thats $$$$ down the drain for the future. A top quality hard (sugar) maple tree will bring $1000 or more on the stump as a sawlog. . And if your dog has a bad encounter with a porky, well, thats many $$$ as well at the vets.
    No wonder some folks dont like 'em. And while we're at it, what role do they play in "the balance of nature" anyway??? :confused:
  5. Me and my family kill more porkies in a year than most people see in a lifetime. It started out with our dogs getting full of quills and our trees getting chewed. We decided we needed to lower the population a little bit. Now it has turned into an obsession and life mission. Maybe it's because we no longer have any deer or rabbits in our area. Or maybe we're just weird. As far as the whole balance of nature, we feed a lot of critters and save a lot of trees each year. At the risk of everyone thinking I'm absolutely nuts I'll also tell you that we eat the porcupine livers. I know it sounds weird but one day we were sitting around looking at a wild game cook book. It stated that porcupine livers are a delicase in many foreign countries. That was all that we needed to hear. Next batch of porkies we got we removed the livers and fried them up. They were excellent! Now we save up a bunch and serve them every year at deer season. It's a great way to initiate the new guys.
  6. do you have to have a small game license? there is no mention of them in the game laws like there is for skunk and woodchuck "no closed season". if you do kill one and leave it in the woods is it considered wanton waste to be punishable with a fine. i know they do a lot of damage and i hear horror stories from gun dog owners but are there legal repercussions for an unlucky hunter caught by a c.o. in the field.
  7. Sounds like you need to learn how to do porcupine quill work.
    Not too hard to do and a great wintertime craft.
    Quill work commends top dollar too!
  8. BF281,

    Do you have porcupines around Lapeer. Until a few years ago I though they were only up north then I saw a road killed one in Hillsdale, just near the State Police station.

    Good job on taking them out of action. They do no good to anyone since we have no Fishers in the lower LP.

    The Terminator
  9. If there are any porkies around here there are not many. If I find out about them there will be even less! I personally have not shot any southof standish but know there are a few. When I was a kid we had one killed in the road in front of our house near Dequindre and Auburn in your neck of the woods. My dad still lives there and hasn't seen one since.
  10. After reading some of the posts in this thread I can see why they've been decimated. It looks like some people just enjoy the thrill of the kill. Being a conservationist is probably the furthest thing from their mind. :(
  11. I seem to recall some people actually girdle a tree for deer management and maples are one of the favotite ones as they have little value for deer populations. It seems that when sun light hits the forest floor new growth shoots up that provides food for deer, grouse and turkeys (to a limited extent). That is something.

    I am not advocating not shooting any porkys. I am saying they have been significantly reuced in the NLP so maybe we should go easy on them and maybe we should think it through before we attempt to exterpate a species from an ecosystem.
  12. When i was a kid my parents had a cabin just outside millersburg which is near Rogers City, after the 3rd porch and several hundred dollars in t-111 siding we started shooting these things killed alot of them too. When we sold the place the real estate lady we had noticed some of the porky damage on the porch and in the following conversation stated that she and her family on occasion eat these things in fact alot of familys in that area do. I guess you cook them in the same maner you would a coon, skined one our once but didnt have the nerve to cook it.
  13. These are the kind of threads I read and I just sit and shake my head. Killing something just to be killing it, makes no sense at all. :16suspect
  14. You took the liberty to quote my post so I'll return the favor. And I'll ask you three questions:

    1. Who girdles trees in the guise of "deer management"???? For what purpose??? I've attended many deer management seminars put on by MSU, MI DNR, etc and never heard of this. Never seen it posted on the Habitat forum here either. FYI, Beech trees are one of the most valuable trres in the Northern Forest, as a source of hard mast for many species and as den trees for many other critters.

    2. You said "maples have little value for deer" ??? Young soft maples (4' and under) are one of the whtetailed deer's very favorite winter foods as browse. (Again, MI DNR publications) FYI, that's what deer live on all winter.

    3. What, exactly, is the porkys role in the "balance of nature" in 2005??? Maybe you can provide an answer this time???? And BTW I didn't say "kill 'em all" either!
  15. leaves me more than shaking my head, a little sick to my stomach. where does man figure into the "balance of nature", being that the porcupine is doing what it has to do to survive(eating bark off trees) and we are cutting down trees for profit. i guess we just don't like competition. how come when man makes something and it is destroyed, it's called vandelism but, when god makes something, and it is destroyed by man, it's called progress? i'm no tree hugger but, i still hate to see the killing of animals, because someone thinks it's their misson in life. and, has far as dogs go, if mine tangles with one(which there have been two close calls), do i shoot the porcupine for defending himself, it was my dog that started it, maybe he's the one that needs to be shot. as far as vet bills they come with the territory. sorry, starting to rant, happy hunting(or happy killing), brian.

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