Point Blank bow?

Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by arcticcatet71, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. i am looking to buy just a beater bow on ebay for bowfishing... anyone ever hear of "Point Blank" archery the name of the bow is "The New Wave"... if so any info would be great

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  2. Ah yes....Pro Line is/was the maker....made right here in MI and imo a darn good bow in it's day! Almost everybody I new either owned a Pro Line New Wave or Riptide. In the mid 90's in mid Michigan it was the bow to shoot. I loved mine. I sold mine to a buddy, he still has it but doesn't hunt much. I think this bow is ideal for bowfishing.....smooth draw etc. If the price is right $100-$150 or so I think it will work just fine.

  3. :yeahthat:

    Swamp Monster is right on. I shot one for 5 years. I had no problems with it at all. It should do a good job for you.
  4. Smooth Shooter...Boy you ought to pull your bow back out and try it. You'd be amazed..I was. I still own my Proline Point Blank New Wave. Shot it some last year...even put a new string on it. I believe i'll kill a deer with it this year.

    They sure we're speed demons back then. With Carbons and the right setup I could get real darn close to 300 with mine. 80 Lb / 30 inch draw.

    As far a bowfishing goes...I'm thinking it would be just too darn fast. Maybe i'm all wet as i've never bowfished. Yet my opinion would be it's a little on the heavy side, and too fast.

    They sure are awesome bows for there day though!
  5. I used a Pro line Point Blank for years. I believe Pro line was bought out by Darton a number of years back. I don't think Darton continued building the bow. It would be a good bow fishing rig as long as it is in sound condition. I still pull it out and shoot mine once in awhile just to bring back old memories....Jim
  6. I killed lots of deer with my point blank. I wore out the first one and bought a second. The limb on it started to splinter three years ago and it was retired. I miss that bow!
  7. thanks for the info guys... i just couldnt find ANYTHING online about it:evil:
    but now i might just have a new bow this summer:D
  8. I bought it while my wife was pregnant with out first born in 1993. Thought I'd be around the house for the summer waiting so I bought a new wave. My brother in law had just got one and it was the cat's a** at the time. I've probably shot 15 deer with it and almost all were shoot -thoughs. I'm just waiting for the kids to get old enough to pull it back so I can hand it down and finally upgrade. I've had to replace the string/serving a couple of times and that is to be blamed on my release. It's truly and oldie but a goodie. 65# and muzzy 125's for me. :) Good luck,Will
  9. got my first deer w/a point blank and shot 2rams with Uncle Ted not at his place but w/Ted and had it signed.love the bow.mine had a built in overdraw:lol: remember those thats funny
  10. I was just curious if anyone would happen to know around what years the PSE Point Blank Compact Bow was manufactured in.. Also in todays market with having a few accessories what this bow would be worth. I am currently agrueing the fact that this bow is no longer worth $800, and would like some input being i dont know a whole whole lot about them.
  11. bassdisaster

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    Never was an $800 bow, maybe $300+ when box new! Of course that was bare, no accy's.
    I wouldent offer more then $100, mainly for knowing it likely needs new strings and cables, if the limbs are intact then it should be a decent fishin bow!

  12. I killed a lot of deer with my point blank.

    I am putting together a collection of the history of compound bows. I think the point blank and the spoiler are a couple of bows that will live forever. They were really the last bows that you either owned or knew some one that owned.

    Great bows for their time.
  13. All good reviews. Many years ago my buddy bought a Point Blank while I got a Spoiler. They were the cats ass back then, both smooth, fast and durable. We both still hunt with them.
  14. I still hunt with my new wave, It's a lot heavier than the new bows and not as fancy but i kill deer with it every year. Paid around 300 new plus accesories and i'm too cheap to go spend almost three times as much on a new bow when this one keeps bringing home the meat.
  15. Okay thank you, Im not even interested in buying the bow but a friend is thinking he would be able to get that price value out of it. Which i knew undoubtably that he was wrong.. Now my important question is where could i or would i perhaps find exactly what years this bow was made in.. I have heard the PSE deer hunter was the model that took place of the Point blank but cant find any answers on the years, which is exactly what i need!!

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