Planer Boards, Walleye Boards, or Dipsy Divers for Walleye?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Landsend, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Looking to troll hard this Spring/Summer, and am not too familiar with the use of planer boards or Dipsy Divers, so I'm looking for any useful information that could be provided.

    I ordered 2 Dipsy Divers with the Snubbers, but have never used them. From what I am hearing and watching on Youtube, you can run them solo, or in combination with the boards. I keep hearing about big boards, small boards, inline boards, etc and I'm lost.

    Here's the deal, I'm going to be trolling for Walleye in Lake Erie's Western Basin. I run through 18-30' of water and have a 16' Smokercraft tin can. What have you guys founds works best, or what are you most comfortable working with?

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  2. If you are pulling meat on spinners or spoons, you'll definitely need some way to get them down to the fish. I would recommend two products; either the new Tadpole from Off Shore Tackle or the Trip-Z Diver from Walker. Do a Youtube search on either of them and you can get more information on their ease and how to use them.

    I would also use inline planer boards with these, to get them out to the side of your boat. I prefer the Off Shore Tackle boards here. You will find a dramatic increase in fish one you get your lines out to the side of your boat.

  3. It really all depends on which presentation you will be using primarily. If you will be pulling cranks (reef runners, etc....), they can get down to 30ft clean with some, or even easier with an inline weight ran 6' ahead of the crank. If you will be pulling spoons, divers are necessary. Most guys run walker mini discs (45mm) or the big jon minis and pull them from big boards. You can get 4 or even 5 rods per side using big boards. Crawlers will be best run behind inline weights or bottom bouncers. I normally run inline planer boards when pulling crawlers (Offshores). For me the inlines just pull nicer at the slow crawler speeds (.7-1.5 mph gps).

    The Dipsy Divers are a good way to add extra lines off the corners of your boat. For walleye they need to be set hair trigger so they release on the bite. Pulling an untripped Dipsy with a big walleye will not be fun with a walleye rod. For all practical purposes, Dipsys aren't normally run behind inline planers or even big boards for that matter, too much drag. Last summer on Saginaw Bay, and a trip on Lake Erie, my over the corner dipsy rods acccounted for the largest fish, and respectable numbers as wel compared to the board rods.

    Try to get out with any of the great fishermen on this board. There are so many variables to everything mentioned, that it is hard to answer your questions completely in a single post. You can learn more valuable information in one trip on the water than you will reading all the threads on this board. I gave mostly generalities and everyone has their favorite spin on all of the techniques. Figuring out what works on your boat for your program is part of the passion of fishing.

    Good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions and even use the PM function to get more specific information from an individual.
  4. Thanks guys, I usually drop bottom bouncers with harnesses off them but you really have to guess as to how far down your presentation actually is. I figured switching to divers and boards will allow me to throw out more lines and be able to better determine the depths of my rigs. Thanks for the advice guys, hoping to rig up boards, divers, and start using spoons this Spring!
  5. If you need help setting up a spoon program, get ahold of me. After the water gets to 50 degrees, they are all I run. I run them(Silver Streaks) off big boards, as many as four per side depending on how many guys are in the boat. They will work fine as well with the Offshore type boards. I use the walker 45mm mini discs to get the depth. They provide a dive curve chart that is pretty darn close to reality. Spoons are fast, clean, and deadly on the eyes. At speeds at and over 3.0 gps, you can cover lots of water, or pound on an active schoo, l and boat control is never an issue at that speed. I run a couple of divers over the corners which are very productive on larger fish. With those I use the standard size "salmon" streaks. This year I am switching over to slide divers for my corner rods after seeing what they do on lake Erie hawgs. That long lead must be the ticket.
  6. I run mini dipsy divers off of my Big Jon Otter Boats, usually 4 per side. I will also run Reef Runners as well. For crawler harness trolling, I use inline weights (I make my own) and adjust the depth as to what the wally's want for the day. I do run inline at times off of my smaller boat (16.5 Alumacraft, my litttle tin can) as well. I only pull cranks or in-lines off of the little boards though, but will run a slide diver straight off of the back of it too.

    For smaller boats, I recommend in-line boards, or slide divers. Big boats, get the big boards out, nothing like running 10-12 lines out there!
  7. I have seen big boats run 10-12 inline boards at a time.. very successfully at that. just sayin :cool:
  8. Everyone has their favorite way to present the bait. For spoons I like using the jet divers (20's or 30's) behind an off-shore in-line board because 1) they are pretty simple devices e.g. no need to dial in l-r direction; 2) they float and as you make your turns the inside lines come up instead of sinking like a dipsy, thus keeping your spoons from dragging the bottom and possibly getting hung up; 3) they look cool!:coolgleam

  9. You can go out w/me this spring if you come help me prep my boat. :lol: Seriously, I do need the help but you can go anytime. I'm also running a little deeper boat, see my pics) so I can get out in slightly rougher water than you might like to go out in yours.
    I also have some big boards I'll make you a great deal on if you go that route.

    I'm going to send you a PM on another matter.
  10. Let's talk about these boards, cause I'm looking to grab about 6 of them total. I'm leaning towards Church boards, or the Off Shore boards, which seem pretty sweet. I'd love to let you take me out and show me the ropes, and would be more than willing to pay my share of the trip. Just want to see how they are run so I don't waste valuable fishing time screwing around with tackle that I know nothing about! lol
  11. For Lake Erie i use Jet divers of different depths then i clip on a small planer board to my line, works for me, i am also running a 16 Lund, i like to use 5 color leadcore also
  12. Last year I got a few walleye boards to troll for salmon. I used them on saginaw bay a few times but I like the big boards better. I run mini disc for spoons and BB for harnesses. Bith board set up worked great. But I like the big boards a little better because in my small boat no one has to stand and detach the walleye boards. It allows us to stay seated more in rough water.
  13. I just started using Dipseys. Can you please tell me when I am running 3 Dipsys on either side of the boat, what is the best method for putting the middle one back in the water after retrieving a fish from that line without tangling the other 2? Also, if you have a fish on the one most forward in the boat, (the one with the most line out) how would you retrieve that fish after it is on without tangling the other 2 lines. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks! Allan

  14. Your inner rod should be the deepest, outter rod the shallowest fyi. To set center rod reel in inner rod farther and the slide into two hole, the set middle rod to inner slot.

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