Pistol purchasing permit question

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by FishinJoe, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. I am very soon to be buying my first pistol and was wondering if when you go to get the permit there is a waiting period or do they just do it all while you are there? Thanks


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  2. They should do it for you while your there...county building, police station, where ever your'e supposed to go in your city. You have to read a small hand out and take a T/F test...very easy and they do a background check on you. If the system is down, you may have to come back but that is pretty rare now. The purchase permit is only good for so many days...I have forgotten how many though. Ther is no waiting period, once you have the permit, you can go buy the gun right away if you want.

  3. Swamp has it down pat. If you are in Dearborn, call the police department to see if they have certain hours that they issue permits. Go down, take the test (all the answers are n the pamphlet), they will run the background check while you take the test. You then have 10 days to purchase a gun and then 10 days after purchase to get the permit back to the police department.
  4. I thought they were good for 11 days?Not sure it's been awile since I purchased a handgun,but yes you do have so many days to buy the gun and so many days to take your gun and the paper work to the police station so they can check the serial # and then they issue a permit for the gun.
  5. Depends on where you live.
    When I lived in Farmington, there was a waiting period to get your permit to purchase...think something like 7-10 days.
    When I moved out to Washtenaw County, it took 30 seconds.
    Course, having a CCW/CPL skips the permit to purchase. :D
  6. Thanks to all of you for the answers.

  7. The buyer does have 10 days from when he or she picks up the purchase "permit" to buy the handgun. After that they have another 10 days to return to the police station with the handgun and the remaining parts of the green form. The police take a look at the serial number and will issue another card which is the "safety inspection" card. Remember, it does not say registration card. Handguns are technically not registered in Michigan but the State Police knows about every person who has bought and safety inspected a handgun since the first day this was required.
  8. It only takes a minute in Kent and Ionia county and I have never had to take a test. They just ask for your ID and run a check on you. They print the permit and out the door you go. You have 10 days to return to register your gun.
  9. There is a 10 question test that is required for all those people applying for a first time purchase permit. It has been law for many years. Once you take the test I do not think that you have to take it again. Maybe if you move to another county?
  10. You have to take this test each and every time...it easy, they give you the answers in the hand out, nothing to worry about.
  11. lincoln park, you have to waite 30 days after apply'n for the permit then it is good for 90 days after that to purchase handguns
  12. bolo, you need to move across the border to Allen Park;) . Its an Instant check.

    I got my permit, picked up my handgun, got it back to APPD for "inspection", and got it home and only had to take a half day off work.

    Lincoln Park is terrible. My parentslive there and IIRC, they only issue permits on certain days of the week/month. Is that right?
  13. yes i know i went to h.s. in allen park! i've lived here for 6 years now & the gun permit thing blows!!

  14. That is what they make CCP's for, no waiting!!!!
  15. Interesting. Every purchase permit I have picked up from the local PD has a 10 day period in which to pick up the gun. AFAIK this purchase permit is not a local thing. It is from the State Police in Lansing. I do not think that Lincoln Park would be able to have such an open ended permit (60 days).

    And, the 30 day wait. If that is true then some of the Lincoln Park residents should go and join SAFR and ask them to go to bat for you.

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