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  1. What would be a good size net for fishing off of piers such as Holland and Grand Haven? Can you make your own pier net? What are some nets that you guys prefer? Any suggestions appreciated.

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  2. Haven't fished either of those piers (yet) but a general rule is too big is better than too small. Pick a quality net with a big hoop, a deep basket and a long extension handle and you'll be fine.

    I've got two nets for different applications. Both are Cummings nets. My walleye net extends to over 20' to reach the water at Port Austin and the hoop/basket on my salmon net is absolutely monsterous.:D

  3. I must have the same net as fishnhunt. The net is just HUGE. I think it is around 15' long from handle to net and if there is a fish in the great lakes I could not net in it....I would have no chance to land it anyway:lol:. It was well worth the cost of the net because I have no issues landing kings off piers. It is much easier to land large fish, and I have not lost a fish at the net because of how easy it is to get them into the net. I got my net from Jay's in Clare. I think it was around $60-70 at the time.
  4. Can you guys give me any links to some nets? I have been searching around and all i have found are 8 footers that are telescoping. Also, i have a painters pole that is very strong and extends to about 12 foot. Could I connect a net to the end of the pole and use that? Thanks
  5. You could use the painters pole. Just have to remember that when you lift a fish up on a pier to pull it up hand over hand and not try to lift it up and out away from the pier. The weight of the fish will bend the handle and ruin it. I have had to get after people who tried that with my net:mad:.
  6. Well I decided to buy a Frabill net with a short handle and connected the net to my painters pole. Now the net can extend 12 feet. Hopefully it will work out for me.
  7. did the same thing last fall, jimmy rigged a net. Went out to the pier in Ludington fished all night, finally around 2am big king hits, fight it for 20 min, finally get it close to the pier and then net failure as it swims away. Worst feeling in the world. Went out and bought a proper pier net the next morning.
  8. That must have sucked. Me being the cheap person I am, had to give it a try since I had a painters pole laying around. I have it secured very well to the pole and I think it should work. Wish me luck
  9. You must've meant me. Ya know, it probably is the same net. I also bought mine at Jay's in Clare about three years ago for $60. I saw that net and had to have it.

    I don't get very many opportunities each year to fish the west side. With all the time and money I wrap up in a west side run net failure is the last thing I need to worry about. In my mind it was $60 well spent.
  10. Bought my telescope cummin net at a local meijer for 30$. Extend out to 12'. 14 w/ hoop. Them kings kept gettin bigger n bigger each year. So i end up gettin another cummin net with bigger hoop n deeper net for 60$ at gander. Well worth the $. Youll see me w it when you fish holland for them kingz.

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