pero lake, lapeer

Discussion in 'Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers' started by msujberry, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. fished pero lake this afternoon in search of some crappie. Tried the south end by the park. Only was able to get one small perch. Have never been able to do well here in the winter. We can catch great numbers of crappie in the summer. Anybody ever do well on the ice?

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  2. We drove by there Friday. But they don't have the pay to launch there anymore.. How can someone gain access over there without knowing anyone around the lake? Can you walk through the county park even though its closed?

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  3. Yea I thought the same thing, park closed- no entry, I have been wanting to fish that lake for a long time. Fished it with my father years ago.
  4. Haven't been able to fish it in years,it's been closed & cant find access.:confused:
  5. I grew up on the lake, and you used to be able to get access from a older guy,who sold the property to the county. It's a crying shame the park closed down. I helped build it years ago. People have been using a private access, that the association will be closing in the spring. It shouln't be a problem to use the park, but for how long is the question? My family is still there, and i will say if you do access, please be respectful, and clean-up. We have had enough of people littering, and being ********! the gills aren't what the used to be, the crappie can be good! The gill population was overfished in years past-please don't do the same with the rest of what is there. Enjoy, since i don't fish it like i used too, just be smart about it!:help:

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