perch spoons and a red bead?

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  1. Im tired of catching so many dinks and have never rarely successfully fished with the spoon and red bead. Was out today and was running a combination of minnow tip up, glowing teardrop with a waxy and the silver spoon with a red bead. Caught a ton of fish but had to sort through ended with 25 fish above 7" at cotton. All on the minnows and teardrop. The red bead spoon combo seems to attract them but they never hit it. What is the correct jigging technique for the spoon bead combo and do you tip it with anything?

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  2. i dont use the spoon and bead, but basically you need to develop a pattern and find what works. get you jig positioned relatively close to bottom and hold it dead still on the initial drop. jig it up anywhere from 6 inches to a couple of feet (this is the tricky part) then return and HOLD....they usually strike during the holding phase when the jig settles into its starting position.

    you have to figure out what kind of jigging pattern works on any given day. it could be a single jig, drop and hold, two quick jigs drop and hold helps if you have a vex or lowrance to see how the fish are reacting, but if you dont, its trial or error. Forget the jigging spoon IMO...try the Scud Bug in RED or Brown and fish it the same way ;)

  3. There was a time I was a bait fisherman. Then I began fishing with a guy from work who used nothing but a small hammered silver spoon with a red bead on it. Saw him catch fish after fish, bring them up, bang them on the ice and was back fishing...all the while as I'm baiting hooks, getting my hands cold and wet and never out catching him.

    One morning I had caught what I considered a nice mess and said what the heck...put the bait away and let's give this bead thing a try. That was at least 15 years ago and haven't bought bait since that day.

    There's no real secret it. 6" or so off the bottom, 2-3 jigs, let it sit a few seconds, then repeat. I prefer to use a spring bobber but if your more comfortable with a floater, then I would recommend a small balsa bobber, just big enough to stay afloat without submerging. The bigger fish will take the bobber down slowly. Lift and keep solid line tension all the way up. No need to jerk the pole to set the hook.

    The key is getting "confidence" in using it. I can honestly say that in all those years I've never felt out-fished by some guy using bait or that the quantity or quality of his catch was worth getting my hands cold and wet again.

    Spend one day, drive right past the bait store and don't stop. Walk out on the ice with just a couple beads and nothing else. Also, STAY MOBILE...15 minutes in a spot and if it doesn't produce then move. Very easy to do with one pole with one bead. It may change the way you fish for a long time to come.

    BTW...I still use nothing but the same supply of hammered silver spoons with a red bead that I bought from my buddy 15 years ago.

    Good luck.
  4. I have been pretty successful using spoons and beads. I do better with small jigging raps with a red bead under it. I haven't figured out any one jigging technique that works best though. It seems to be a case by case basis with each fish. A good way to attract the fish to you, is to slap the bottom and kick up some dirt. When they come in keep the jig in the dust cloud and a lot of the time they will at least swat at it. My most productive lures, have actually been my walleye lures. Do-Jiggers, ficious jigs, medium sized jiggin raps. Its a good idea to bring an arsenal of bait. I always bring waxies, minnows, spikes, and beads. If one isn't working try another, and if they get tight lipped just stick em. That's the beauty of LSC, being able to spear.
  5. I believe the big spoons get their attention and brings them in. I usually jig the spoons pretty hard. If thier not interested in the spoon, I'll have a dead stick tipped with a minnow or spike for them.

    I also like tipping the hard bead spoons with a spike. I believe the meaty morsel gives them a little more flash and sent.
  6. Use fireline and pop that spoon hard. let it settle 5 seconds then do it 1000 more times.
  7. I make some of those spoons and how i tell people is to jig it 2-3 times pause a few seconds then pop it hard upward about 6-12 inches and let it flutter on slack line,Be a line watcher because as lure flutters out to the side and cones back watch for any stop in the line if it stops set hook as a perch or crappie has just sucked it in.i use this technique 100% of the time with good results. every once in a while pound bottom of spoon into the bottom and let it kick up puffs of dirt and leave it there a second perch alot of times will grab it right off the bottom! The lures are called diamond willows and i sell them at joe's bait on 16 and jefferson will have more at other locations soon!
  8. Let's see some pic's of those spoon's...
  9. can someone post pics of the hammered spoons and what weight are these
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Nice Gmann,,, now those are some of Walleyeatsag's models? I don't think I've ever seen that pattern before.
  12. William, yes they are, thank you, guess i should have said that when i posted the pic, I also make my own but don't sell them, have known rich (walleyeatsag) for a long time and I have used his lures and they do work especially for finicky fish.
  13. :yeahthat: Dont forget to bounce off the bottom, or lay it on the bottom. Like Koby said, the approach may change day to day, but its still the same thing, trying to trigger a fish to hit.....I was told years ago, take a string and stick, and play with a kitten or young cat. Supposely, they pounce just like a fish hits its prey!!!! Get off the bait thing, a spoon will do wonders, if you get good at it.......Have confidence in your technique......
  14. so much is confidence...spoon and bead or a perch eye is the only way to go!
  15. man that is odd. I have caught a metric crap ton of perch on Mcgathy and Kens spoons. Red beads seem to out perform other colors in LSC but have caught them on probably every color bead that I have.

    What I do is I drop all the way to the bottom and pound the bottom 4 or 5 times to get a muck stirred up. That will bring the fish in to see what is making the mess. Then a rip the spoon up about 2 feet several times and then let it drop back down to just above bottom. Then I usually have a fish on.

    Spoons are for the days that you know that fish are being agressive. Its my opinion that they are biting out of anger or shear curiousity instead of thinking that are getting a meal.


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