Perch spawn?

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  1. Just was wondering how far spawning time is for perch. I fished Gino's yesterday and left with a very good dinner. Well when I was home cutting them up I ran into a few that had what looked like a sack of eggs. They sure looked like eggs to me. Just curious if they were eggs, which would tell me that the spawn is close. Thanks for info.
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  2. I'm sure they were eggs, hard not to recognize them.

  3. Spawning in the next few weeks. Ice out.
  4. perch start getting there eggs in september and they mature threw out the fall and winter.
  5. To tell if perch are near spawning, the males will milk when caught and females will drop some eggs. the ones i have been catching this week have egg sacks that are getting looser but males(usually smaller) have not been milking. But it is getting closer 2 weeks or more for sure. Tight Lines always.:fish:
  6. Let start a new thread about Perch Milking again!!!! Boy, was that FUN!!!:lol::lol:

  7. I knew someone would bust out the perch milking thread!!! way to go Mushy
  8. Most people think perch spawn at ice out. Actually, they spawn a few weeks following when water temps are in the mid to upper fourties. Around here, it usually goes: perch - crappies - smallmouth (main lake) - largemouth and bluegills - in that order...

    "Life history: Yellow perch spawn in spring, April and May, when water temperatures are in the mid-40s to mid-50s. This is usually about a week after walleyes spawn. Yellow perch males, which are smaller than females, move into the spawning areas first. Selected spawning sites are five to 10 feet deep in inland lakes, and over aquatic vegetation, submerged brush or along sand or gravelly shorelines. Big female perch can produce up to 100,000 eggs, but most produce 15,000 to 25,000 eggs. Spawning occurs at night and early morning. The females are accompanied by several males, which swim alongside or behind them. The eggs are deposited in a unique form┬ľa long, sticky gelatinous mass that drapes over underwater objects. The accordionlike transparent egg mass absorbs water rapidly after it is emitted and swells, sometimes reaching seven feet long and weighing up to two pounds. The egg mass is semi-buoyant and moves gently with water currents and waves. Bad weather may cause the egg mass to be torn up and washed onto land. Unlike the sunfishes, yellow perch parents do not remain to guard the nest, eggs or young."

    From PA Game and Fish.

    And, yes, those are eggs. Soem guys eat them... That's all you...

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  9. I know a guy that would wrap the egg sacks in bacon and then put them in the smoker......pretty tastey :p
  10. I had an uncle that put them in scrambled eggs.
  11. deep fry is the way to go, so they say, make sure not to mess up the egg sack when cleaning the fish if you are going to eat them.
  12. how do you crack eggs that small? i tried to scramble some for breakfast and all i ended up with was some mush!!!:lol::lol::lol:

  13. :lol:
  14. I heard adding some Perch Milk to them, makes them even better!!!!!:lol::yikes:

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