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  1. Anyone care to share their secrets? I don't usually buy rigs but I got one called a reilly's rig. the hooks stay away from the main line but are crimped on. seems to me after a day of perch with smallies and sheephead mixed in, the line will be pretty nicked at the crimp.
    My rig...
    I dont like to tie the snells directly to the main line because they twist pretty easy.
    I use the light, wire spreader that is sold as crappie rigs when they're tied up. I buy them in packages and there's two diferent lengths. I use the shorter one. in the packaged rigs, the wires are too far apart for me with the top hook too high. I tie them closer to the bottom. My snells are shorter.
    My added part.... I buy a section of clear, aquarium hose. the diameter is the size that runs the small, air stones. I cut a piece about two inches long and slide it over the wire, I then attach my snelled hook to the end loop and pull the hose over the end about an inch. This keeps the hook out away from the main line. My main line is green 20# big game.I've got about ten hanging on a board, suspended with river trolling weights attached to the bottom swivel. this keeps em nice and straight and I rotate through the season. I can use a smaller sinker and the rig stays straight. Starting with em tomorrow!! Hopefully, a good report to follow!!

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  2. That sounds like you got quite the system...I think I'll try hanging them to straighten them out. Thanks for the tip!

    I just bought a bunch of Crappie rigs the other day and will try to use them. See Ya,

  3. Wire perch spearders. Catch everything on them, Walleye, smallies, perch, crappie, pike.
  4. Great tips five more cast. Sounds like a good system.

    Another little thing you may try, is tying a short leader/ hook at the sinker. There are times when the perch want a minnow lying on the bottom. this gives you 3 minnows for one rod. It also allows a large minnow to swim free higher up where the perch can see it from a distance. If and when i use this set up, I use a slip bobber as my second rod with only one hook.

    I have a buddy, who is sold on the idea of placing a piece of tinfoil or something shiny, a foot or two above his crappie rig to draw in the fish.
  5. I didn't know 3 hooks were legal on one rig in michigan. I thought a perch rig could only have two hooks. I do tie a rig with only one hook. Occasionally I'll put a hook off the sinker. I like the single hook rigs to find the fish because it saves on the minnows when you get one fish and the other rips off. using a #6 hook, placed between the head and dorsal AS LIGHT as possible for the most action. I don't seem to do as well when hooked through the lips or eyes.
  6. fished tues. morning. got out about 7:00. wind was already pretty strong. even from the northwest, there were whitecaps. started just south of the GPYC in 15-17' fow. found small perch. for some reason just couldn't get the anchor to hold.kept moving in and closer to 9 mile. about 10 other boats were working the area. boats were moving about evey hour or so and those we talked to said their perch were small also. most came in 14 1/2' about 1/2 mile north of GPYC.kept 10 out of about 40 (8-9 1/2") plus one 14" walleye. Nice day on the water but stayed rough all day. of course, it looks great today(from the inside!)
  7. If I read the DNR regulations you can have no more than a total of 4 hooks attached to no more than 2 single lines so if you run the 3 snells on line 1 and run a second slip bobber on line 2 with 1 single hook you are legal.

    Except with Salmon fishing on Lake Michigan you can have a total of 3 lines with no more than 6 hooks when in the act of trolling for trout/salmon. So, based on the regulations you cannot have 3 rods in Lake Erie when trolling for walleye.

    Great tip this is why I read these posts from Guys like Ed and Walleye Mike because I learn something new every day.
  8. You are allowed a total of 4 hooks in Michigan and a maximum of two rods.
    You have different options to meet this criteria,
    2 rods = 2 hooks each or
    1 rod with 3 hooks / 1 rod with 1 hook.
    Last choice would be 1 rod with 4 hooks.
  9. Thanks guys. wow, three hooks. How many triple headers have you had? Rich, looking at your pictures, your boat looks like it's in the marina I was in . is that velgers at the spillway. my buddy's boat is still in there. north side, red wing flag on the pole. about 20 from the jefferson end. Have you started to dip any emeralds? we were in there the other night. looks like there are some in there but hard to get to the back of the boat.
  10. Fivemorecasts,
    You got the Marina right.
    I'm on the South side, well # 70.
    I just buy my minnows, no dipping.
  11. Wow, you guys ever have it down to how you hook your minnows. All you need in a simple perch spreader, 2 #6-8 hooks, and a sinker, i really don't think it matters where you hook the minnow(at least during summer) my minnows end up upside down most of the time, and dead, rarely come home without a meal.
  12. Any time of the year, perch will attempt to eat a minnow head first. Hook them through the lip is probably the best option unless you are constantly getting bait stolen then through the eyes is a better option. JMO
  13. I might try that, i do miss a few good hits, i hook them hit through gut usually.

    And, on this last trip, i found night crawlers where far and away the better producer, about 3-1, maybe 4-1. The trip saturday it was about even, to maybe crawlers slightly out producing. So, don't forget to buy a couple packs of crawlers when going on a perchin trip.
  14. early in the morning yesterday, most of the fish came on crawlers, on the bottom hook. reversed it and put minnows on the bottom, crawlers on top. bigger fish on the minnows. biggest + the walleye came on a slip bobber rig. I can't believe how many 4" smallmouth are out there!
  15. we have had good luck using slammers.....they are a perch rig made with plastic arms....they come in a few colors...we seem to do the best on Orange or Red....seems like the colors of the arms help to draw the fish in sometimes!

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