Patternmaster Anaconda

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  1. I'm thinking about buying one of these. I know they're new this year, but has anyone tried one or heard reviews on these?

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  2. No I haven't herd anything about the anaconda, but I did get one of there brand new models a couple years ago "the code black", hated it! I'd hold off and get a cheaper one, carlsons perhaps, until there is some field experience and reviews on them out there.

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  3. They say "don't knock it till you try it" let me admit, i've never shot ANY aftermarket, I'm not knocking them...but I wonder how many people would be just fine with the ic or mod that came with their guns...i've never had a problem with mine...maybe I'm missing out and all the ducks I've ever missed could have been bagged if I had something like this...
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  4. x2. I always have used the chokes that came with my gun and have done quite well with them. At least for the situations I hunt.
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  5. what are these chokes you speak of...

    i tried to unscrew mine few years ago, its not moving....could be the 23 years its been in there.
  6. Just think how many duck kills you missed out on over those years.

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  7. Yeah, same here. While I was in the Marine Corps, parents decided the damp storage room in the basement was the best place for my guns...

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  8. Ouch!

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  9. Never shot the anaconda myself but my friend just bought one for his new A5 and he says it is extremely tight. Way tighter than the code black. He bought the midrange and said he shot crows with it at 70 yards
  10. Thanks guys, I do just fine with the factory tubes I have. I've seem to hear nothing but singing praises from anyone who shoots a patternmaster, but don't find it easy to fork out $90.00 for a three inch piece of steel.
  11. You are probably aware of this but the new "Anaconda" choke uses constriction rather than the stud ring that is found in standard and code black patternmaster chokes. It may pattern tight but I would anticipate you will have a much longer shot string with the anaconda as opposed to the stud ring chokes. For me, the shorter shot string is the advantage of the patternmaster over most other chokes on the market (and yes, you can kill ducks with any choke tube.)
  12. i think that is why i dont have an aftermarket choke. I look at $90 for tube and realize thats 250 more rounds worth of duck hunting. lol.
  13. You do realize that whole shorter shot string has been proven to be b.s. right? What little it does if any has little advantage over a standard choke. Those was stripping chokes work best with slower loads anyways....under 1500fps.
  14. Please enlighten me on how a shorter shot string is BS.
  15. Google it. It's marketing b.s. pure and simple. The little bit of difference it makes is minimal at best. I'm on my phone right now, but if you go search "the refuge" you will find a ton of discussions about it. I have a pattern master and I can attest that it is not what they are made out to least with my gun.

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