Parker buck buster 175

Discussion in 'Crossbows' started by boone nc, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I am considering trying to sale/trade my Parker buckbuster 175 for a Excalibur Equinox. I dont really have a reason for it besides I have always liked the Excalibur but at the time I purchased they did not have one and they did have the Parker.

    Any comments on this, should I keep what I have, anyone interested in good deal on a Parker or want to work out a trade?

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  2. Its like anything else if you trade it in you get the short end of the stick.Best thing to do is try and sale the Parker on Craigslist. Take a little lost and go by a new Crossbow don't try and take something from someone that might be in good working order.Seen it about ten time last season from guys who come over and tell me they bought this crossbow from craigslist and it wont shoot right.Come too find that a bolt or screw is missing.It happens a lot.Avoid ebay at all cost.Even the new stuff has no warranty I dont care if they tell you they are a auth dealer or not.No one on ebay is a real dealer selling below msrp.

  3. If I was you, I might try and find a way to keep the Parker and then pickup a used Excal, the warranty follows the Excals when someone sells one..
    Crossbows typically depreciate a lot in value, I have seen them lose anywhere from 40 - 50% in the first year..It never hurts to have a backup bow anyway, not that you would need one if you had an Excal..

    PM sent..

  4. I m not letting my secret out, it's not rocket science. There are EBay deals out there , brand new, with all the warrenties, and I have the receipts to prove it along with a crossbow I consider the best out there for all around hunting. Certain Dealers do sell below MSRP new crossbows at certain times of the year and warranties are honored.
  5. Thanks for the good info. No matter where you buy if you buy used you may run into a bad product or no warranty issue.

    I would want to see/shoot before I went with a used model. I will most likely sale mine and buy a ex.

    If anyone heres about one for sale let me know.
  6. NOT with an Excalibur. They have a lifetime transferable warranty. Even used, you just register ownership of the bow with them, and you're good to go.
  7. I dont know that I have every seen a used EXC out there? Most people usually hold on to them. I like a used price but then again if you cant find them it does you no good. Anybody know of any good places to look? beervo has given me some places to look but does anybody know of someone with a good new/used one they are selling?
  8. I will try to see if that guy wants to barter, I have a couple of guns I would be willing to trade with. Never hurts to try

    Thanks for the info

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