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Discussion in 'Detroit River and Lake Erie' started by Elk5012, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. What type of paint do you guys use to repaint lures? There are some nice metalics in auto paint but expensive. My pike and walleye lures sure could use a fresh coat of paint.

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  2. Most of the time I figure it is not worth the time for the painting or the expense of the paint to go this route. Unless you are good at airbrush painting or using a very fine pointed brush you might want to consider getting someone with experience to do the repainting for you.

    I have noticed that the guys who have devoted a lifetime to perfecting their lure painting talents tend to use enamels. Some of these enamel paints are auto paints in pint, quart, and gallon cans.

  3. I'm looking for some hobbies to get me through the winter when I'm not on the ice. I figured I could mess around with some lures and try new colors schemes. Do you guys that paint lures with scale looking paint jobs make your own pattern with masking plastic?
  4. The lure painters I have met use airbrushes. You can try spray cans but I have not had any decent results with this.

    They have made their own masks for the scale patterns or have used materials that they found, like window screening. You can also buy a netting material from Stamina or Netcraft for painting the scales.

    You will find some other painting and lure making items in catalogs from those two companies.
  5. Thanks Alex, I have an airbrush and will test a few of your ideas. One nice thing, the pike lures are huge and should be easier to to try for the first time.
  6. model paint. Ordered 20 spoon blanks to paint up. Been doing not so bad on Steelies and walleye, i dont believe they are so particular to detail. Find some old lures or what not to practice on.
  7. There was a post on here mebbe a month ago by Musky Hunter. He had some homemade plugs he had finished. He had a photo up of the best custom paint I have ever seen. Maybe someone knows how to retreive the photo. Definitely worth a second look. :lol::lol::dizzy:
  8. Is this the one. Wrong generation. Musky Hunter is my son.

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  9. he's talking about the sharpie baits(i hope he kills them with them in the spring)
  10. Nice job Mike, I'll post a pic when I get done with one of mine. It may be a good laugh and a waste of time. Good or bad I'll post it. Give me a couple of weeks, I have Christmas shopping to get done. I'll be picking up materials along the way to paint. Thanks for the links to supplies.
  11. The one Mike T.Elder posted looks like a paint job by Laethem. Is that right Mike?
  12. Yes it is, Alex. The picture doesn't do it justice. The purple on the back doesn't show up very well.
  13. Jann's Netcraft and Samina both have luremaking/painting supplies.
  14. Only problem with the lure mike is the hook set-up.....Should be red in the front and a bronze triple grip in the rear!;)

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