Packaging Walleye in Water.....

Discussion in 'Detroit River and Lake Erie' started by MUSHY1, May 12, 2008.

  1. Its amazing how well freezing Walleye in Water preserves fish. I was going through my freezer the other day, in preparation of a Walleye fry on Sunday. I found some pachages from 2006 and some from 2007. Fried them up yesterday for Mothers day, and they came out fantastic. None of it was freezer burned either, and tasted ALMOST like fresh.

    Does anyone use a Vacuum Sealer for Fresh Fish???? I use them exclusively for processed meat and fish, but never for fresh meat. With the cost of bags and such, you cant beat freezing fish in quart or Gallon Zip Locs.....;)


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  2. I've packaged my walleye in plastic bags filled with water.

    I got a new vacuum sealer for Christmas but I still prefer to bag with water.

  3. All my fish get froze in water. I found out the more water the better in the bags. I end up giving away the last of my fish from the year before around march, and it is still in great shape even being froze for months on end. I use a vacuum sealer on meats if I buy alot of steaks or burger.
  4. Wow...if your using gallon Zip-Locs, I need to follow you Mushy! ;) :)
  5. when i was a kid they used milk cartons and covered the fish with water...i wonder if a milk carton splits or if it stretches enough? looking for half gallon bags because i cannot get 2 of this yrs fish into the quart bag...;)...nice problem to have.
  6. I put mine in quart zip locks and freeze in water too. Have thought about buying a vacuum sealer, but it's hard to beat my system now. Plus, I lay them out flat and they stack nice.
  7. I vaccu seal, but it is too costly. My family used do do the milk carton and water thing..... I should revisit that.
  8. When I was a bit younger, we got into the habit of freezing our fish in milk. My dad used to take the family to the Keys every year for vacation, and we'd bring 3 or 4 coolers home of fish. He insisted everything be frozen in milk. This worked exceptionally well with fish like salmon, steelhead, mackerel, and tuna. The milk seems to really mellow out strong tasting or oily fish. I don't really think it makes a difference with walleye or perch though.
  9. im soakin this weekends fish in milk right now...just went down an hour ago and changed the water and added a dab of milk...ill look em over tomorrow and bag em up for the freezer.
  10. Quarts, water and 1 fish per bag. I give a lot a fish away and it just makes it easier to give out that way. They lay flatter this was as Canuck136 said. I too give last years away just before the spring run, keeps my fish less than a year old.
  11. i used some little buckets we have at work, and i found out that the ice evaporates off slowly and the top pieces can get some burn when exposed...but the milk carton would be recloseable...maybe them oldtimers knew something...
  12. I freeze mine in pint ziploc bags with water. I like to put exactly 1lb in each bag. If I get a good haul, I will put 2 lbs in a quart size. We do not eat alot of fish at home. If I was not in an apartment I would probly eat more. I just save mine for fish fry's anymore.
  13. I use 1 gallon freezer bags with twist tie tops.
    I put up to 5 walleyes worth of fillets in the bag and fill with water.
    I then squeeze out the air while spinning the bag and tie with a twist tie and hang on the freezer rack with a small spring clamp. The next day when solid I move to the basement freezer.
  14. broke my vaccum sealer so I have froze my last few and if I take the frozen filets out and add to a bag and fill with water is this still allright would be similar to flash freezing i would think
  15. My second cousin and her husband live in Frankfort and he has a salmon boat that he uses every day. He ends up with a LOT OF SALMON and he vac bags all of the fillets and freezes and freezes them immediately.
    I dug a package of his salmon out of the bottom of our freezer were marked for Aug 2006 abpiut a month ago and there were fine. They would not hold up in a blind tasting competetion but they were very tasty.

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