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Discussion in 'Concealed Carry Weapons' started by DTrain, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Well I got my appt with the Ottawa CO gun board :D

    What should I expect. The worst they could have found on me was a couple speeding tickets; last being from 4 or 5 years ago.

    What are they going to ask me?

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  2. you should be all good to go. in genesee county we just turn in paper work and that is it. no meeting the board.

  3. They asked me about old traffic violations at Ottawa county; kind of along the lines of whether or not I respected the law because I did have past traffic infractions. Very informal setting though and the people that were on the board when I did it were really nice. Look presentable and be ready to hear about that old speeding ticket :)

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  4. They will probably just stamp your paperwork and your good to go! Just no speeding while carrying.. no need to draw attention to yourself.

    I guess I should say no speeding ever ;)
  5. Dtrain, when I went to the board 5 yrs. ago the guy ahead of me had an arrest for pot possession in Allegan Co. and he got his permit. I didn't have anything but some old tickets too and they hardly asked me any questions.
  6. The Ottawa gun board is a joke, you will be in and out in no time.
    Don't sweat it.
  7. Don't worry man. I was just there this month on the first, which was a thursday, and I was all nervous too but then it only took a minute or two and was really no big deal. The thing I didn't like and was worried about was how you have to answer to anything in your past in front of strangers and stuff, but they have you go up to the front of the room and sit in a chair in front of the board people and then ask you questions and I don't think the strangers could hear everything. I didn't even have anything other than an MIP a long time ago and an overweight ticket (truck driver) that I completely forgot about. Like others have said though, its pretty much a joke. I'm not even sure why they have you go in front of the gun board because they can see everything in your history before you even go in front!

    Anyways it kind of went like this;

    Sit in the room for a while until they call your name.
    Go in front and the lady swears you in (have to take your hat off, lol, opps)
    First question was do you have any criminal charges? Explain, or something along that line. You answer and depending on that they might ask for more details, I told them about an MIP I had 14 years ago and they asked if I had a problem with alcohol.
    Then they ask if you have any mental disorders
    Then the guy ask if everyone approves and I was the second person to go in front and everyone at the table/board looked like they were really bored and hated life having to be there! lol. then they just give you your cpl (that part I didn't know that you would get it right on the spot) and your done. Its a cake walk and nothing to get worried about! Trust me.
  8. What is there to be nervous or worried about? Michigan is a shall issue state unless you were convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors with a certain time frame.
  9. They will probably ask you if the information on your application was accurate when it wad submitted. If it continues to be accurate at this time and that will probably be it. That is all they asked when I went through the process.

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  10. You should be fine, Just dont tell them about Alice's resturant, with three part harmony

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  11. I sat there at the Ottawa Co gun board meeting and watched a good 5 or 6 people get denied in front of everyone. It was down-right awkward. I don't know if these applicants thought that they were going to trick the system or if they just didn't read the requirements but they never had a chance.
    - one lived at Pine Rest for a year because of depression
    - most of the others were currently on some depression meds
    - the last dude, who flat out lied the entire time, had multiple (I mean multiple) arrests for assault, resisting arrest, etc, etc, etc...

    The one curtousey they extend, in regard to the gallery of people, is that if they would like to talk further about why; you've been to see a shrink, take meds, etc - they offer to clear the room to talk privately. All refused that option and we then sat there and listened to attepted suicide stories from one guy and then the other about his stay at Pine Rest. WEIRD, I was embarrassed for those guys.

    Most people (that were awarded their CPL) either had MIPs, possession charges, speeding tickets. They will grill you on them but it's really no big deal. They just want to see that you're open and honest.
  12. Being on meds is not a sufficient reason to deny the permit. If the meds are effective (ie the condition is under control) the applicant should be awarded the permit. Anyone that is denied should send me a PM for a free consultation for an appeal.

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  13. I should be going in June as well if you go in may let me know what they ask i got like two traffic tickets about 7 years ago but nothin since i am not worried i have a valid reason to get the license. If you go in June with me then ill see ya there lol.

  14. Tried to send a PM to you 7wings but it says your box is full.

    I know this is an older thread but I'm curious if anyone else has run into this issue regarding the Ottawa County Gun Board.
  15. I'm kind of surprised that they can even pull this whole 20 questions sit in front of a board thing. Sounds like a political grand stand thing to me. When you register for your permit they run you through all kinds of checks and so anything in your past that will prevent you from legally obtaining a permit will be obvious. Why bother with this step? Talk about a waste of tax payer time and money.

    Does anyone know if anyone has ever challenged these gun boards to force a permit to be issued without appearing? St. Clair County you take your class, submit your money and paperwork and +/- 30 days later your permit is in the mail barring any background issues.

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