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Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by bucks2beards08, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. i have a small peice of heaven in otsego and usaually do pretty good could see more deer but i do get the pleasure of seeing some elk. i was wondering if anyone has seen or got any bucks yet this year out of the county i will be headed up this weekned and was hoping the deer herd is a little better then last year

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  2. Have been seeing bucks but I wouldn't sy the deer population is up. There are some around for the taking good luck.
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  3. I have been hunting the edge of otsego and montmorency county. I have hunted hard the past three weekends. Have seen more elk than deer saw one nice buck and a few does. Its about the same if not worst than past years. I hunt stat land tho so if your hunting private it could be better for you. I have been hunting off black river rd.. I havn't seen a lot of hunters which has been nice. It is going to be interesting with the new stupid laws up there!
  4. yeah i hunt off of finnigan road and i usaullt see alot of hunters the first two days and then maybe one here and there but last year we didnt see any deer between me and my father in law but two years before that i got a buck and my father in law took a doe and he missed a 10pt i dunnno how but he did then the year before that i missed a seven point becuz i used my peep sight which was off and not my scope which was on lol well i hope u guys have good luck this year
  5. Been hearing OK bow results in northern half of county - heard of a couple of nice bucks taken off Meridian Line in NE corner of county.

    Have heard nothing good in the southern half of county. No deer south of old state / mancelona road.
  6. well that is good news for me we have property north of old state thanks for the good reports everyone i hope ur guys season is a good one whack em and stack em
  7. Finnegan road, REALLY? Do you have family that owns property on that road? My house/property butts right up against the potatoe fields at the east end of that road.. If you ask me, numbers are even lower this year and there are no Doe permits again this year either.. Thee locals during the youth hunt are still taking alot of antlerless deer, which isnt helping.. But there are still a few bucks running around, most of the ones I have been seeing are small though.. I just sold 20 acres on Finnegan rd but still have access to hunt it if I want..

  8. That is exactly what I have been seeing too.. Still decent in the N/E corner but really poor down by Old State and south.
  9. yeah cody my father inlaw has 20 acres on finnigan road right in the middle of turttle lake road and 32 before u get to the potatoe feilds it butts right up to the state land trails where the power lines are besides last year we see deer most nights i think most of it is becuz i planted a couple 1/4 acre food plots and the guy doown the road always puts in corn in his food plot we also have one lone growning apple tree that produces a few apples but they have those gone before november pm sometime maybe we can join up sometime and hunt the area for small game or go down ice fishing the otsego lake i live in flint but drive up often during the year :coolgleam
  10. Thats interesting and I know eactly where your talking about.. I lived on Finnegan road for about 15 years and just moved closer to the Joburg high school about 4 years ago.. My house was 1/2 mile east of Turtle lake on the north side of the road (brown cabin with paved driveway). I sold the place to my BIL and now my SIL also lives right next door (next to the well site).. I always head to the U.P. for rifle season because there really are no big buck oppertunities around here. I prefer having an entire swamp to myself :lol:

    They are currently logging heavily down Turtle lake road on state land between Finnegan and Old State.. You will be really suprised if you run across it because most of it is clear cutting with some select cutting just south of Finnegan.. I just came back from there about 10 minutes ago and they were still cutting.

    Good luck!!
  11. I've said it before...of all the miles I've put on my boots up there this year, I've only seen 3 bucks (saw one in Cheboygan County in October) that I'd consider shooter bucks.
  12. They have also been taking the pines south of old state road a few miles east of turtle lake road. It looks like they replanted, probably with jack pine for the kirtland's warbler. Our cabin is on old state near it.
  13. yeah i have noticed the last few years that they have been clear cutting just south of my father in laws place that is probally why i didnt see anything last year and for some reason the co's have been out alot too more then usual. so since all the cutting has been going on and my father in law doesnt know if he wants to see his place or keep it every 5 mins i have been looking for my own peice of property to buy or lease somewhere in this state
  14. passed up a spike sunday saw a great 8pt on the way to spot off the road, population up, i would not say that though:sad:
  15. fishinmachine after they had the permits a few years ago where u could shoot as many does as u wanted a day becuz it was a TB zone i dont think the population is going to be the same not for a while at least just like down here in flint and surrounding areas u can get 5 does a day i think its going to reall hurt the deer hunting for a while that my opinion plus the poachers around here take as many as they want already but it is good to here there are some good bucks out there hopefully i can get one before it gets to croweded up in gaylord

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