Opening Day 2012!! Project list.

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  1. Finally, the day I have been waiting for since October 25th, Habitat Improvement Season!!

    I have sooooooooo many projects to undertake that I will never get them all completed. The list is intimidating but I really don't care. I truly enjoy this part of property ownership as much as any other.

    Project list starting tonight and work to begin tomorrow(after a morning goose hunt;)).

    1. Canopy trees downed
    2. Screen road frontage and neighbors
    3. More grains planted 2012
    4. Create multiple new cover strips
    5. Hinge countless areas big and small
    6. Treestand adjustments to create new sites and improve others
    7. Mowing schedules drafted
    8. Planting schedule drafted
    9. Plant trees (to be determined-Coldstream e-mailed me info lately)
    9. Considering 2 waterholes
    10. Expand food plots
    11. Improve beds and scrape lines
    12. Etc., etc., etc............

    What am I missing?
  2. My list is up to 31 items, for the three small properties I'm working with. There are at least another 10 things I'd "like" to do, but know I won't get to this year. I absolutely love the planning and preparing for habitat work. There is something incredibly rewarding about making a list of things to do that will benefit wildlife and improve the hunting for me and my family. I can't wait to get up there in a few weeks to do some hinge-cutting and remove competition from around the apple trees we located this fall.

    Lord willing, the work will never end, and neither will the rewards. :)

  3. You covered a lot, here's a few I thought of......

    1. After season scouting.
    2. Equipment maintenance and or buy more, sharpening, etc.
    3. Soil tests
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  4. I have a ton of things I want to get started on soon :D
  5. Should have been my number one! I'm going tomorrow.

    Also, have to add

    Humus testing and the related data collection through soil testing and photographic work.

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