Oneida Screaming Eagle grips

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  1. Does anyone know where to buy a wood grip for a Oneida screamin eagle?? If possible. And how much do they usually cost. Thanx.
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  2. Go here,, talk to Richard, might have some used ones laying around.

    There also was a guy on that site that made custom one's, for a good price too, believe his name was ups'r, might of had a websiite too, if I can find it I'll post it.

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  3. Ok thanks
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  4. The Guy mentioned no longer makes grips he has not for a couple of years. He did make some nice grips for Oneidas but he got out of the business.

    Richard / Boar at 5150 Bows might be a good place to try being the Screaming Eagle is an older model parts like grips are hard to find the cables and other parts are not as hard but it depends. Been shooting Oneidas since 1994 when the Aero Force was popular and then the Lite Force Magnum. They had a one piece wood grip and they had a few in a tiger strip but the AF also had a 2 piece plastic which came on many of them. No sure what came on the Screaming Eagle Model...

    Good Luck,

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