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  1. Does anyon know any bow shops in michigan that still work on the old oneida eagle's

    I just picked one up and want to get is tuned and draw adjusted to set up for bow fishing

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  2. Schupbach's in Jackson tuned mine up.

    The guy who owns Monster bows in Brighton also knows a lot about them and might work on it. He apparently had a bad falling out with Onieda so he can't get parts and such from them but, otherwise, I am told he's the expert on adjusting/tuning them.

  3. The place is closed! Parts was sent to a dealer in Florida. I have dropaways that work on them. As for as tuning, not much there!
  4. C. Pollinton's shop is near Marion. 2 years ago there was a guy at the Woods-n-Water from the Lansing area that worked on Oeinda bows.

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  5. What type of Oneida? I have an Aero Force and they are really easy to work on. I adjusted mine from a Med. draw to a long draw, if you need some help I would be willing to help you out. I just set my Oneida up for bow fishing about a month ago that's the really easy part.
  6. What model did you get, if its new enuff it could be a simple fix. Get ahold if Mike Day on this forum he can help get parts, also try he's in Fl. but a real great guy. And dont forget buck pole archery home of C.P. Oneida right on 66 in Marion MI. But again if its an older bow C.P. sometimes dont like working on them because of lack of parts around. When I say "old" I mean pre-areoforce model bows, also known as pre "K" cam bows.
  7. it is an old screaming eagle so i am sure hard to get parts for.

    I am thinking it needs the medium cams because it seems to have a huge draw length.

    I will go to schupach in jackson and let them take a look at it i will be down there this weekend any how.

    thanks for all the help if anyone has a medium set of cams for sale let me know
  8. FYI some S.E.'s came with "H" cams some came with "I" as far as my understanding goes you can not switch to "K" cams(Areoforce & newer) without also switching atleast outboard limbs to A.F. ones.
  9. CP Oneida has most parts for all the Oneidas old and new. Some parts are but they have used parts as well if you need something call Matt Pollington there and knows what they have but I have an AF & a Lite Force Magnum and they have cables, timing systems (complete or cables and the wheels), draw mduoles for the K Cams, E Clips, bushings, some limbs, shafts, pylons, strings etc if you can they can help you and if you something they might have it even if old. And I like helping out Michigan Business especially these days. It all helps Michigan. Don't know many bow companies that still have parts for bows older than 5 maybe 7 years old but my LFM is over 10 and they have parts for them as well as my 16 year old Aero Force. They don't have risers per say but they do get trade ins now and and then. And they put their ESC Outboards on older bows as well they do have some wood outboards as well. But as time goes out they do run out of some of the parts like the wood 1 piece grips and the Tuscarora 1 Piece Quivers and mounting hardware for them. But agao they have kept a lot of parts available. M115 and 66 north about 5 or 6 miles on the left side is where CP Onieda They are open M-F and on Saturday from 9 to 2?? but if you call they can give you better info. Just Google C.P. Oneida and you can get their phone number and location.

    I still shoot both a 1994 AF and a 1997 LFM and they shoot great even if they are more than 10 years old... Just change the string annually...And a lube job.

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  10. if you did need cams Rich at 5150 will have access to them and can either walk you thru it get someone that will.

    they just released a new lever action fast flight bow fishing bow so the knowledge is there and the love of the design .:)

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