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  1. The need to make it so you can only shoot one buck. Your choice of season.

    Don't hear anyone here in Ohio complaining about it. Plus, we have a lot of Monster bucks.

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  2. One buck with ARs would be fine for me!!

  3. One buck is not necessary. We continue to harvest 75% of the yearling bucks...that is the problem. It's not how many we shoot were the 2nd tag is concerned, it what we shoot.

    *The 2nd tag contributes to 4.3% of the harvest.
    *On public land around here most are from "out of the area", and most only hunt for a few days. They are not out for multiple bucks, just the first one that comes by.
    *1 tag will limit hunter days of field. For example, in 17 years I have tagged 2 bucks twice, but that extra tag has kept me going until the last day of the season virtually every year.

    Really, what would a 1 buck license do? I personally don't know anyone around here that took 2 bucks last year...but I do know of a guy from downstate that shot a yearling 4pt by my property in the national forest, and an adjoining camp that shot 4 young bucks(1 a peice). Around here we aren't taking too many bucks, just too young of bucks and a 1 buck license would do nothing. An overwhelming number of hunters are extremely happy to take the first yearling buck that walks by, they aren't looking for numbers of points or numbers of bucks...just the first buck with a 3" antler that walks by.

    We don't need to restrict the number of bucks shot, just the age.
  4. jk hillsdale

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    I agree 100%!
  5. 1 buck, mandetory check, button is a buck.
  6. I think it would make you more selective on the buck you take. At least when I hunt in Michigan, which I do every year, I know that I can take a smaller buck because I have a second tag for the big guy if he comes by. Now, I haven't shot a deer in Michigan in over three years and that was at the Shiawassee refuge hunt. I took a small 8ptr.

    Now, when I hunt here in Ohio, I am more selective and let a lot of bucks pass. I actually shot my first deer down here last fall. It took my 5 years, but I finally connected with a decent 8ptr. I do have a self imposed rule of 8pt or better though. Still, a lot of the hunters down here are more selective because of the 1 buck restriction.

    I would also love to see mandatory checks of all deer harvested. We have that here and it works out great and is not inconvienent in any way. Actually, you feel like you are bragging a bit because you got a deer. For the opener of the firearm season, all the locals come out and wait at the check stations to see the deer come in and get pictures of the big bucks.
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    I believe that second bucks comprise more than 4.3% of the Michigan harvest. 4.3% of Michigan hunters fill two buck tags. That would translate into about 34,000 bucks killed on the "second" buck tag (800,000 total hunters buying tags X .043), more or less.

    In any case, yearling bucks are more heavily harvested in Michigan than they are in any other state that I'm aware of.
  8. Spice64,

    Just curious what you think a 1 buck license would do?
  9. FL,

    Makes sense the way you say it, but is it 4.3% of the hunters kill a 2nd buck, or the 2nd tag accounts for 4.3 % of the buck harvest?

    Does make a differance, but even overall if it made the yearling buck harvest drop 5% it would be a non-factor.
  10. jk hillsdale

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    You may find this link interesting - it's on Ohio biologist thoughts on the effectiveness of mandatory checks.
  11. I still think it would be better than what Michigan has now. All they have is a total estimate. I wonder what the spread is? It would be interesting to compare the two and see how the estimates differ.

    Still, mandatory check has a lot of other benefits than just counting deer.
  12. 1 buck tag would make every hunter more of a game manager, if you see a buck you want shoot it and realize your done buck hunting. The question of button bucks being harvested at a high percentage reflects the aggresive anterless permits the last few years in my opinion.
  13. "1 buck tag would make every hunter more of a game manager, if you see a buck you want shoot it and realize your done buck hunting."

    I agree with that, but only to a small enough percentage to do no change. For example, I can count 30 guys and bait piles throughout the woods on public land withing 2 miles to the east of me. All 30 of those guys might shoot 5-10 yearling bucks and almost all of those guys are not local and only here for a handful of days. For most of them it's not about shooting a number of bucks, or a large buck, only A buck, and they are thrilled and proud of the mighty spike. Simply, there are not enough yearlings to go around and 9 times out of 10 that yearling gets shot at the first bait pile it visits, if not, there are 20 other hunters at 20 other bait piles waiting to shoot the little guy.

    Might make a little differance in large private land areas where hunters have more of an ownership interest in the herd, but for the 70-80% public land in the U.P. I don't see how someone could say it could make any noticable differance at all as far as the deer herd is concerned. Limiting hunter days afield for the avid hunter, yes, making a differance for the average guy that hunts a pile on public land for 3-4 days a year...I just don't see how.
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    It's the former.
  15. The combination tag is mandated by the legislature. It can`t be eliminated by the DNR or the NRC.

    2004 deer season:

    756,063 individuals purchased a deer hunting license.
    370,433 purchased a combo license.
    27,783 bought both a firearm and an archery license.
    That made 398,216 hunters eligible to harvest two bucks.
    52% of all deer hunters.

    That leaves 357,847(48%) of all deer hunters eligible to harvest a single buck.

    2004 harvest estimates are not available until June. Using 2002 and 2003 harvest figures as a guide. 33,000 hunters took a second buck in 2004.

    In 2003, 4.5% of all hunters took a second buck. 8.4% of eligible(those with 2 kill tags) took a second buck.

    The above figures were passed out by Rod Clute at the round table discussion that was held at the Lansing Deer and Turkey Spectacular in February.

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