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Discussion in 'MichiganTrapping.com' started by bhugo, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I have been given 10 older square jaw #2 victor traps. I have been told that they are not good for coyote as is and that the jaws should be replaced with 1.75 round jaws. I will be baseplating them, and the springs seem real strong. Has anyone ever heard of swapping square #2 jaws with round #1.75 jaws? Would they just fit...or have to be altered?

    Some of the square jaw tips bend out as is normal and some of them are acually bent in toward the center of the trap on other traps. Was this an improvement?

    Any help by the trap mdification experts would be appreciated.

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  2. hugo,

    Your best bet is to make sure the spring are good and use them for mink trapping and buy new traps for coyote trapping. Because by the time you make an old victor square jaw into a good coyote trap you could have bought a new trap.


  3. I'll second Daves thoughts on the victor 2's. You might as well buy a real coyote trap.

  4. Solves that problem...thanks guys. I will keep them for the creek trapping.
  5. I'll second what Dave has said, and add that the #2 square jaw victor, without too much pan tension (springs on the weaker side), makes a super fine mink trap!
  6. bhugo,

    The old square jawed #2 Victor Fox Traps, were a fine Fox trap in their day. But are no where near as effective as the current day round jaw coil spring traps.

    You are correct that these #2 Square Jawed coilsprings do not make a good coyote trap, because a coyote will easily pop the jaws out of these traps.

    These #2 Square Jawed coilsprings will work fine as a mink and muskrat trap, but unfortunately the will grip too high up on the foot of a raccoon. Which makes them a very unsatisfactory raccoon trap! To get around this problem with raccoons, it would be recommended that you employ a good drowning wire set-up, when you set this trap for mink. Because any good mink set is also going to catch every passing raccoon.

    I have had good results using my #2 Square Jawed Victor for both coyote and fox during early winter, by only setting them where I can utilize a drag set-up. But I never set these #2's in a situation where I have to solidly stake these traps, if there is a possibility of catching a coyote.
  7. bhugo,
    since you were given these traps you have no purchase cost. victor 1.75 replacement jaws fit the traps fine. if you have access to a tig or gas mig welder, I would modify your traps. I do it all the time. F&T prices are
    base plates 1.25 , 12.50
    jaws (pair) 1.75 , 17.50
    jaw lamination kit 8.95
    38.95 total plus shipping.
    Far from the price of new traps and you built them your self.

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