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  1. Does anyone hunt small game at Highland rec area. I am thinking about getting into hunting with my son and want to start out small and close. If you do how is the hunting and can you hunt with a .22 and .223 rifle out of deer season? I also have other question is someone would be willing to take the time and answer.

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  2. Haven't hunted HRA for years so I won't be much help. Don't know about the legality of guns listed. I do know that rabbit hunting was good at the time. Lots of tracks but hard hunting w/o beagle. Walk the areas and find the habitat that suits the game you are after. Good luck.

  3. Please do not take my word for it but pick up the regulations book and read about zone 3. It is a shotgun zone only, with an exception for handguns and .22 rifles. You cannot use a .223 in zone 3. Also not sure how old your son is but he will probably need to take hunter safety before you guys go. As far as the area I have not hunted it but have thought about trying it out. I have had some luck at Bald Mountain and I like to drive up to Caro. Good luck to you and your son.
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  4. only applies to deer season. You can use them anytime except for Nov. 10th to Nov. 30th.
  5. Ok well thank you for schooling me. I read the book again and you are correct. I still would not use a 223 on a squirrel. I don’t think it’s a good idea shooting that much power up in the trees.
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  6. lol yeah a .223 on squirrel,,,,not good for meat,,,, but real pretty special effects.:fish:
  7. You can hunt in zone 3 with a centerfire rifle. You just cant hunt deer with one. Shotgun zone is closed to centerfire hunting November 10 to the 30th. Some townships have restrictions on them also. Milford is one.

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