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Discussion in 'Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries' started by walleyeatsag, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. I am going fishing for the first time this year after my surgery!:tdo12: Going with Lockjaw and his son supposed to be a nice day tommorrow.I am going to show him how to set up for walleye fishing on the bay with the offshore tattle tale boards! i will post pics and let you know how we did!

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  2. Good luck tomorrow...........

    rev doyle

  3. good luck rich! i hear john's been doing pretty swell in wildfowl. i'm pretty much just getting in the water this weekend as well. we got quite a few casting this spring. now its time to hit the bay for a bit before the outing.
  4. I went out today with Lockjaw(Eric and his son) we had an awesome day out in the slot.We started at 8am was done at 12.We caught 20 walleye and kept 10 nice 17-20" eyes.What made my day was seeing eric's son Matthews smile it was priceless! Pics to follow!! We were fishing in 12-14' of water behind north island and i used a 7 ' lead then a 3/4 oz snap weight then 35' to the board. best color was green and chartreuse pearl beads with a orange/chartreuse #3 willow going 1.7-1.9 mph! we ran out of worms and started catching them on # 5 shadraps in gold/copper and bleeding olive! Eric I thoroughly enjoyed the day.I taught eric on how to use the offshore tattle tale flags and he was really impressed with them!
  5. Nice job!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!!

  6. Nice job Rich, glad to see you finally on the water. Good new for the slot, should be hot next weekend for outing.:D Hey that guy looks like Payton Manning.:lol: Will get ahold of you friday on the tables, plan on being at campground by noon or before.
  7. LOL!
    Payton Manning! Maybe in this picture.
    Sorry. Eric and I have been friends nearly 20 years.
    He and Matt had a blast today, thanks to Rich.
  8. H2Ofowl i had a great time with the both of them too.Great people ,great fun! ralph call me thursday and let me know when to bring the tables ,i will get help loading them so that won't be an issue!

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