Noodle Rods 4 Sale!

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  1. Eagle Claw Starfire "Wet Noodle Rod"
    by: Wright $ McGill Co.
    11.5' 2pc.
    Ultralight Spinning Rod
    bought at Jays Sporting Goods, Clare Mich. 1983 (the old store)
    $30.00 obo.

    Abu Garcia "Tracer"
    Graphite Composite Noodle Rod
    9' - 274cm Light Action
    1/64 - 3/8oz. lures
    4-10# Line
    $30.00 obo.

    Both only used twice.
    Great condition!

    If interested contact Norm at:

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  2. What is the line weight and lure size on the SF 201? I just broke my trusty SF 207 and need a replacement.

    Why doesn't eagle claw make 10 footers anymore? (besides the dipsy rods). It really bugs me that I can only get a 9 footer new in the store.

  3. Line 4-10#
    Lure 1/64 - 3/8oz.

    I have used these on the Au Sable, Platte, Betsie, and at Tippy Dam, while light lining for Steelies.

    The only way you can find a 10 footer now is if you have one made special.
  4. Scottyhoover,

    NormD's got some good rods for a great price, to answer your question on the what Eagleclaw has available.....................

    Eagleclaw makes a 10.5' in the "Granger" Series. I have never used one but a friend bought one last year up in Oscoda during a steelheading "field trip" after he broke his pole. Its not a Loomis or a St. Croix (not that he or I would or could afford to spend that kinda cash on a pole!) but for the $50 he paid for it states its great!

    Also seen them on the eagleclaw website:

    Tightlines! - Burksee
  5. Yeah I have a St. Croix and thats the only rod I'll ever carry on a riverbank. But for a spare, or even for surf / peir they would probably work good. One of these would be a first steelhead rod for my little brother, the other to replace that great old EgClaw Starfire that I broke :(. I'll be in touch soon, checking one other thing out first.

    Norm I replied to your e-mail but I noticed it was different than the address at the top of this page.
  6. Tell you what Scott if you want them both I'll sell to you for $50.00. I will reply to either email addresses. I see your a programmer. Well I'm a netowrk admin for the department of defense as a civilian. It's a geek thing!
  7. Alright, I want 'em. I'll send you an e-mail right away and we'll work out the details. Thanks.


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