NoDak countdown, T minus...

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  1. Bring it. I have a place in town and drive a red Chevy with a chessie in the back when he doesn't jump out. :lol::lol::lol:

    Seriously, as go through Benton Harbor start listening to the radio for traffic times and make a game time decision. Gary exit (Skyway) at 8pm CST should be OK, puts you downtown in another 45 min. Friday nights ALWAYS suck on any road near Chicago. Good luck :)

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  2. i'm probably the only one on here that will get that...haha.

  3. Damn....busted. I thought you left already. :chillin:
  4. and me. ;)

    The real question is your Chessie going to bite my tires? :evilsmile
  5. here's a snapshot of last april's trip. passing through this route at the times posted is a piece of cake and i'm guessing a lot less $ if you stop to pay.

    04/15/11 08:46 PM TOLL ($0.18) INDOT Plz -Gary East-Ln 01W
    04/15/11 09:02 PM TOLL ($0.53) INDOT Plz -Westpoint-Ln 01W
    04/15/11 09:15 PM TOLL ($3.53) INDOT Plz 51-Chicago Skyway Eastbound-Ln 01W 51
    04/15/11 09:40 PM TOLL ($0.40) ISTHA Plz 17-Devon Ave-Ln 55 17
    04/15/11 10:12 PM TOLL ($0.40) ISTHA Plz 9-Elgin Rd-Ln 53 9
    04/15/11 10:39 PM TOLL ($0.80) ISTHA Plz 5-Belvidere-Ln 53 5
    04/15/11 10:56 PM TOLL ($0.50) ISTHA Plz 1-South Beloit-Ln 63 1
    04/20/11 12:41 AM TOLL ($0.50) ISTHA Plz 1-South Beloit-Ln 53 1
    04/20/11 01:12 AM TOLL ($0.80) ISTHA Plz 7-Marengo-Ln 53 7
    04/20/11 01:27 AM TOLL ($0.40) ISTHA Plz 9-Elgin Rd-Ln 63 9
    04/20/11 01:52 AM TOLL ($0.40) ISTHA Plz 19-River Rd-Ln 53 19
    04/20/11 02:18 AM TOLL ($0.53) INDOT Plz -Westpoint-Ln 01W
    04/20/11 02:22 AM TOLL ($3.53) INDOT Plz 50-Chicago Skyway Eastbound-Ln 01W 50
    04/20/11 02:38 AM TOLL ($0.33) INDOT Plz -Lake Station-Ln 01W

    its a total of like $13 round trip
  6. Thanks for that info Dave. Do you know if you're $ in the accout ever expires as I try to only drive through Chicago twice a Nodak and back.
  7. Interesting record Dave. Good to know. And those are nearly the times we will be heading through on the way out...8:30 ish in Gary. Looks like clear sailing that route. Good to know.
  8. nope it never expires.....since you'll be goin out there every year (its not hard to tell your hooked:evil:), you might as well get one. round trip it'll save you about $25.

    looks like i'm gonna miss you again...hopefully we'll be able to get a hunt or two in next year.
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  9. i remember paying a lot of $.80 tolls...had a pocket full of dimes after the trip cuz of it. :)
  10. Maybe next year we can hook up and I'll even buy you a slice if coconut cream pie....:)

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  11. Yep we used to have a whole bag of assorted change, and the guy riding shotgun was responsible for digging it out on the fly so we could keep the tires rolling :lol: god I hated that! The I-pass is so much easier, and now I know cheaper too!!! :bowdown:

  12. haha...i get it!
  13. awfully hard to get work done today...only can think about leaving and relaxin for a solid week.
  14. Don't rub it in. Some of us still have 3 weeks of work....:(

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