No hunting/leased land signs????

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  1. I just leased a piece of property and need to post it i want to try to find signs that say leased land keep out or something close, cause the guys who hunted it before never really asked. was woundering if any one could help me out and tell me where to go. thank you.
  2. Many newspaper print shops have them. Hunting and fishing retailers often have them but at higher cost, usually. We made are own by painting on aluminum siding. First we cut a pattern or two out of good stock and then used them as a stencil. They show up well and last through any weather.

  3. That's a great idea. I bet you would be able to purchase scrap aluminum siding (end pieces that are to small to bother saving, or dented) at a decent price from local contractors.

  4. I use the metal signs from Voss:

    There's one that specifically states: "No trespassing. Lands leased for private use".

    I also like the "Posted and Patrolled" one.
  5. The signs that November Sunrise linked to are very good signs.

    The material that we used came from construction projects where there was initial tear off and replacement. We were able to get the used aluminum for cleaning it up. If you have a friend that knows someone in the business that would help. We used spray cans of paint and our cost was very low. Of course, if you can afford the premade stuff like the link above that saves all the work of making them.

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