Nightcrawler bedding... how do you make your own?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by waterfoul, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I have a fishing outing planned with some buddies next weekend... we're going to float the Pere Marquette and they want to BUY bait! Buy bait I asked? What the heck for when you can get all you need right from your own yard.

    I know it's been posted before... but I'm too lazy to run a search. How can I make some bedding so I don't have to use dirt after I pick my crawlers?

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  2. I remember reading on here to use shredded newspaper. I think they said it has to be damp also, but not sure on that.

  3. Just paper? I can handle that. But it seems to me there was more to it than that. If not... I'm golden!
  4. yeah i think it was just wet shredded newspaper
  5. thats how i do it and never no problums, never use dirt you can go to wallmart , big k and buy some very cheep and has food mix in the bedding, like 2-3 dollars
  6. shredded newspaper and dead leaves add a little moisture and your good to go.
  7. This sounds good to me. Well, I hope there's one warmer night this weekend so I can get out in the yard a pick some crawlers.
  8. Why wait for a warm night make a worm rod, thats what i use and they come shooting right out of the ground as soon as you plug it in. All you have to do is take an old extension cord cut of the female end of it and connect the black wire to a 2 foot steel rod and do the same with the white wire. place both rods into the ground a few feet apart and plug it in. Sounds crazy but it works. You can get crawlers anytime anyday for FREE!!!!
  9. First get a matchbox, then some little bitty sheets, and if its cold a little bitty blanket. Use half a cotton ball for a pillow. Usually 2 to a bed.

  10. Ha ha. Very funny.

    You fishing the secret lake this weekend?
  11. sfw1960

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    Does a worm have slime??
    Mike - you can get a big bag of ready made paper mulch bedding for about $4-$5 darn near anywhere (baitshops or franchised storefronts)
    add water slap around and voila` ! ~ it's soup....................................
    C'Mon $5.
  12. Robert, that's $5 I can spend on Senko's!!! If I can make it... why should I buy it???
  13. sfw1960

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    On the premise that your time is worth nothing , point taken.
    OTOH - I was out in the garage until 9:30 'Bird riggin' AFTER my trip to boater's world.... The alarm @ 4AM this morning is something I could have done W/O :dizzy:
    You probably have access to the offal from the shop's paper shredder , doncha?
    I just cut your labor in HALF!
    You're welcome Mike.....
    Ya gotta go check Dick's out - they got some imitation senk0s for around $2.50 a bag.... and some Gulp! on clearance.....


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