New Michigan hunting law 3 points on one side or more.

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by BigBuckHunterDan5, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I have heard that the Michigan DNR is thinking about passing a law that in the lower pennisula a buck has to have 3 points or more on one side. Has anyone else heard about this law and whats your view on it. I think that I would be good there would be bigger bucks and let the little ones grow.

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  2. jimmyo17

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    NO I dont know were you heard that. Plus it isnt going to happen. I know your new here so ill bring you up to speed. This subject has been beaten to death and more than likely still is in the whitetail deer managment section, if you wish to argue about it head over there. Welcome to the site sorry if that was a little harsh but this isnt the place to argue about APR's

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  3. Speaking on behalf of the southern lower peninsula, a 3 point per side rule wouldn't save many bucks down here. A lot of our yearlings are 6 and 8 points. I understand the theory that you'll save a lot of yearling bucks, but realistically, all you do is take out all the yearlings with great genetics, leaving the spikes and fork horns.
  4. Just like Baiting...NO baiting will not be reinstated....:corkysm55
    Never say never...
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  5. Agreed. APR's don't work but a OBR and BOW only might.:woohoo1:
  6. You aren't exactly an old timer here yourself. Let the man speak.

    It'd be a blessing for 3 to a side.
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    Your right i am not but i have been here long enough to know that this has been argued about hundreds of times.;)
  8. Nope.

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  9. It's already in place in NE Michigan.
  10. Only with a regular combination deer license in Upper Peninsula and DMUs 045, 115 & 487 and firearm deer and archery deer license in DMUs 045, 115 & 122.
  11. havnt heard it but .... we can dream still....i think..... better call the DNR and make shure i still can... in fact the last time i checked it seemed everyone just wanted to shoot everyone of those down too
  12. Makes since..Let the 4 points pass but shoot the 5 points!!!...Cool rule.

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    I think we need a slot limit. Like bucks 110" to 135" anything below or above you have to let walk ;) kidding hahahahah
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  14. Id personally like to see areas of the LP have a 4 point on one side APR. Im not saying the whole Lower, but parts of it. Some farm country areas have some whopper bucks, and restricting some of those areas to 4 pts on a side could make for some great trophy buck hunting in just a few years.
  15. I wouldn't mind that rule 4 people btween 16 and 65 years of age only

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