NEW fishing Regulations - Sable River/Ludington State Park

Discussion in 'North West Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by WALLEYEvision, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Took a trip up to Ludington State Park over the weekend and noticed new signs posted along the Sable River.

    "From the river mouth upstream to the Hamlin Dam - Anglers may ONLY use a single hook with a gap of NO MORE than 3/8" from the shank to the point."

    And YES...These new regulations are in effect year around.

    I'm guessing they're trying to cut down on the number a salmon being snagged in the river during the fall run. I seen a number of salmon swimming in the river last October with spoons hooked in their backs and tails.

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  2. Yup, I saw that listed in the fishing guide earlier this year. It was one of a few streams they added to the single unweighted hook regs. We have a few down this way that have the same regulations. Kind of sucks though, it makes the jig and bobber rig illegal. I don't like having to give up a lawful way of fishing because some snaggers ruin it for the rest of us.

  3. That does suck, the bobber and jig setup can be unstoppable for steelies.
  4. okay, im lost on the jig an bobber(float set-up). why would those new regs. make that set-up not legal?
  5. A jig fits in the weighted single hook catagory. Unless of course you use floating jigs. Those would be legal.
  6. Yup, what the DNR is trying to ban is the treble hooks with the lead molded to it... lead torpedos. Unfortunatly the ban is so broad that it makes the 1/64th ounce jigs illegal to use. It took me a year of using them before one of my buddies corrected me. And I had read and knew the regulations also, I was lucky I was not stopped. Ignorrance of the law is not an excuse unfortunatly.
  7. Now that you can't use the jig and bobber, you will have to learn how to fish all over again. lol :bash:

    With a bobber or float, "IT" lets you know when you have a hit.
    With out this aid, a fisherman will have to feel on his own if he has a hit. :lol:

    kind of like a fly fisherman needing a strike indicator to know if he has a hit.

    It is too bad that laws have to change for everyone because of the few bad snaggers. A while back, a similar situation was discussed. Closing night fishing for Salmon because of all of the snagging.

    By the way buddy, where have you been? Haven't seen you up north lately.
  8. I agree, one of my favorite small water winter fisheries has the same regulation. It drives me nuts, a few bad apples ruin it for everyone. I was up north a few weekends ago, but this summer I have mainly spent down this way chasing summerruns...
  9. stinger63

    stinger63 Banned

    I hate to say it but these new regulations only hurt the guys who are fishing legal,Snaggers are going to be there reguardless of any new laws.

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