need ideas for bait barrel design

Discussion in '' started by asratam, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. I need some advice on how to build a bait barrel from a 55 gallon drum. I was thinking of punching five (6 inch) holes in the sides. I was wondering about a bracket on the sides to allow me to chain it to a tree. That way the bear could swat at the barrel and move it around to get the bait out.

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  2. First thing you need to do is make sure that the barrel is clean. You don't want any residue of the original contents, especially if a petroleum or chemical product, contaminating the bait. The way I've seen barrels used is to punch some 1" or so sized holes in the barrel to allow scent to escape. Then just set the top on the barrel with your bait mix inside. The top will keep varmints, coons and such out, but with a little effort your bear can get at the vittles. If you don't seal the drum, I don't think you need to chain it up. Bears will tip it over, maybe roll it around a little, but it won't go far.

  3. I use mainly doughnuts and fryer grease. Would a smaller hole be enough for the bears to get any food out? I thought of a six inch hole so a bear could reach in and get at the food.
  4. You can do that, many people do.

    We always hunt private land so we have never had a chance to play around with design

    We always build cribs around holes covered with heavy logs. I like to be able to control where the bear enters and exits.

    I have always grown to hate critters eating food before the bears do, so I always strive to keep them out initially. Thats why 5 6" holes seemed a bit excessive to me.

    I am sure some of our barrel baiters will chime in.
  5. How many days will it have to operate between you filling it?
  6. ill try to explain this to the best of my ability, get about 5 or 6 decent size logs, 2 about 5 feet the others 3 or 4

    use the two long ones to make an x in the barrel while its standing up, so you could read the x from the side if you could look through the barrel, then place the other 3 or 4 logs across the top, using the 2 long logs as stoppers so they dont roll off the top, basically the idea is to cover the top with logs, the 2 long ones in the X keep them from rolling

    use whatever diameter logs will completely cover the top, the bears will knock the barrel over, getting at the contents before the critters
  7. I thought in Michigan you had to put the bait directly on the ground? No barrles or hollowed containers were permitted.
  8. Containers are allowed for bears, on private property. This went into effect in '05.
  9. I would like to check the bait once a week. My idea was to have the barrel with enough chain or cable to let the bear work the barel over and as he pushes it around, some bait would fall out of the holes.
  10. I like your idea Elvis. Do you fasten the barrel to a tree with your set? I was thinking the bears might roll the barrel away from the stand.
  11. Nah, usually there is enough foilage to keep it from getting to far, the only thing is a timer set on a nearby tree that will record when the barrel is nocked over, this is if you are checking it everyday, it helps time the bears since some have patterns
  12. Drag out some sandbox playsand to get a good print. Can help you evaluate the size of a bear or bears working your bait without or if you don't have a cam.
  13. One idea that we have found useful is using a spin feeder on a tall metal post so the bears cannot climb it. I had a pole left over from a satellite dish. The spin feeder just pays out corn that we have drained a little fish or sardine oil on. It lasts a week....

    We make a ladder from 2x4's to access the feeder and leave it set off to the side for baiting.

    If the bears can tip it easily or climb it-they will break the feeder. We had to cement the post in the ground.

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